Living out 2020 with confidence

Living out 2020 with confidence

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Someone said; “The Year 2020 is the beginning of a new decade, and if not lived aright; there is a lot to lose.’ We are in a new decade, new year and we all desire a new beginning; as Christians in the world; how then can we confidently hold onto the promises of God unwavering? How can we learn to strengthen our faith in God and learn from our mistakes? How can we make 2020 a year of crushing our goals and living a radiant life for God? Does this book guide its readers on what they need to know about confidently living a life that glorifies God? Does this book address the problem of unbelief in the lives of some believers? Does this book renew the hope of its readers about their identity in Christ? The book comes along with a free template for crushing goals in the new decade.



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    The lines of this book are packed with substance. Particularly,I love the writer’s approach. When you talk of a reality, a story you can easily relate with, this book provides you with it.

    The writer didn’t stop at showing us the struggles, she also pointed to the practical solutions in few words.

    This book will surely outlast many generations.

    Thanks for taking time to pen this down,Victory

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