Lost Battle

Blatant lies,
Barbarians talk,
Blabbering increases,
Battalions shouts,
Battle starts.

Roaring sounds,
Retrogressing and painful cries,
Unending killing,
Battlefield of blood,
Thousands dying.

Field filled with dead grasses,
The wind blows gently,
Blowing away the dried leaves,
Silence is felt around,
Battle ends.

Carcass lays awaiting,
No appropriate keeping,
The sole survivor,
Standing and loudly cried,
”We lost the battle”.

Staggering and crying wildly,
Round the blood-filled field; he walked,
Searching for yet another soul desperately,
But all was lost and,
Dead gone.
                         Lost Battle ~  COPYRIGHT KUDABO VICTORY  2017

Everyone in any way best known to them has lost a battle, could be with ourselves,mind or friends.
We go through many things to develop, if you have never failed before, you can’t explain well your success story. At times we lose a battle to be a strong conqueror for another day..
 Don’t give up even after losing..

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