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So I decided to change the trend of my writing, it’s not the normal story of Romeo and Juliet we all know about, it’s actually Different but read to the end. Surfing through my poem pad when I saw this poem titled: CHANGING HEARTS
Here she comes,
Slowly and swiftly she walked,
Graced and poised she stood,
Elegantly drapped in her ball gown,
Another Juliet.
She searched for a Romeo,
Who will love her; that’s all she cares,
She searched and sought,
For a Romeo to find.
Now she had seen,
Promises of love she ever wanted,
She got when she was with her Romeo,
Oh that perfect feeling.
Romeo suddenly went on a journey,
He promised to be back,
Oh for a while, he told her,
But she had waited so long.
Romeo, Romeo
Oh My Romeo,
Where art thou?
Come take me for am tired of waiting alone.
Time passed by,
Still drapped in her lovely gown,
She waited patiently,
Only for her Romeo to come.
Passerby bade her sympathy,
Be just like us; her friends told her,
Wait not for Romeo,
He cometh not again.
She wanted her story to be different,
Filled with love, and not a sad ending,
She would keep her Romeo well,
Oh even when he returned.
Waiting and waiting each day,
Time could tell as days goes by,
Anxiety set in and  all hope was lost,
All in the name of waiting for Romeo.
She turned to her poor little abode,
Tired am I waiting for love,
Romeo won’t come,
Since am no Juliet.
Not long had Juliet gone,
When her Romeo appeared,
He searched for his Juliet,
Oh no, he was too late.
He had boasted about his Juliet to the world,
A true lover waited for me, he said
But his Juliet has suddenly had,
A change of heart towards patient love..
    .. Changing Hearts..
I know it’s long, but am glad you read it up to here; Romeo in the illustration above is representing God, at times he told us to be patient, and that he cometh to change our story around; but some of us are like Juliet , we are so impatient and we tend to lose that which God has for us.
  When God tells you to wait, WAIT; it might take a long time but he will surely come.
A proverb says: The patient dog eats the fattest bone.
Be patient and trust in your God. He will surely come to your aid when the time comes.
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