What do you see?
When their hands are held together,
In unity they are bonded,
In love they pour their heart,

For what do you see?
Just when couples pray together?
They aren’t just bonded with love,
They are One,

For when couples pray,
In unity of mind,
They rend the heavens,
And call down the heavenly,

For when couples pray,
With one accord,
they break chains,
Two are better than one,
In the place of prayer,

When couples pray,
The devil trembles,
For they are a threat to his kingdom,

When couples pray,
Together they conquer,
When couples pray,
In oneness of heart,

They aren’t just ordinary people,
They are backed up with the heavenly
I love when couples pray,
For they are both warriors,
And when they fight,
They conquer for they are ONE

I want a praying husband…  What about you?

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