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I have not called you to a life of vain and valueless popularity, but that of a purposeful living which would be remembered by all. That was the summary of the departing word of the Eldest pastor in the church. He had been my father’s best friend and while his death shook everyone in the church; his words struck deep into my heart like guitar strings,

“Jeremiah, what’s wrong?” my concerned sister asked patting me on the shoulder

“Nothing” I shrugged hiding my emotion

“Really?” her tiny voice pierced

“Yes, really” I mused

“Well, your attention is needed in the Kitchen. Mother needs someone to kill the chicken” she jested

“At your age, you can’t handle killing a chicken?” he asked a bit surprised

She shrugged her hand grinning


“You are up to something? Whenever you grin like that; you are up to something”

“Whatever” she said seating beside him on the bench outside the mango tree

“I will be your listening ear buddy; so tell me what;s wrong? Don;t you dare lie. You have totally lost it emotionally ever since dad’s friend died. You weren’t so close to him; so why the behaviour?”

“I don’t know” he let out a soft sigh

“Are you feeling bad about his death?”

“Well…. maybe… his last words still get me thinking”

“Which of them?”

“The one the presiding pastor for his funeral read”

“You mean the one about purpose?”


“So, what about it? Truly, not every life lived in purpose attracts popularity. some are short spanned; others long; all that matters is every purposeful life lived would be remembered”

“But why?”

“Why what?”

“Why can’t… wait, take for example the pastor; he had preached for years but it seems not everyone knows him like the musician. Didn’t the Bible say If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me. It says all, sis and to me that is popularity. Why are worldly singers more popular than pastors who have declared the truth all their lives? I don’t understand?”

She giggled then patted him softly “You are worried about that? That is something simple, when Christ says he will draw all men unto him; it doesn’t necessarily mean the whole world using one person; it means that when a believer with his/her in his/her neighbourhood, workplace, school, office lifts Jesus up; souls will be blessed and sinners would be saved”

“You see Jeremiah, your whole world might be just your school; for pastor it was his town; and he didn’t really have to be popular to the whole world, because he understands that adding value is more important than being popular”


“If you have been called to sing, you might not be popular but what God expects from you is that you touch the lives of those around you, they are your whole world.”

“So buddy, anyone who lives a life of purpose might not be popular, but I believe they in their little corner will live a life worth remembering for the Lord”

“Wow, wow.. I think I understand”

“Good gracious, I am glad to hear that” she smiled

“Thank you sister”

She stood up from the bench stetching her body against the wall “I wasn’t joking the other time, there are chickens waiting to be killed by you” she winked

“Jeremiah, Jeremiah” his mother called out loudly from the house

“I am coming” he frowned

Purpose or Popularity: Quote Challenge

There is no reason to further exemlify the quote for today; the story did justice.

Here is my charge to you Beloved in the fold of Christ, whatever you have been called for, your purpose or goals; fulfill with an intent to inspire those around you.


Be a light

Brighten the corner where you are,

You don’t need a large audience.

Look around, souls are beside you

They are your whole world

See you tomorrow!!!


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