I couldn’t contain the joy that day,
Really was it true? I asked
Its just like a dream,
But the thrill of joy wouldn’t leave me.
I was never told that,
Never did I call myself that,
But deep down I was happy,
Such joy I couldn’t explain.
Mama never loved me,
Papa abused me like I was never his own,
The society mocked me,
Gradually I felt like an outcast.
I scare kids away,
Even my friends weren’t proud of me,
I was afraid of what I was,
Why me? Yes, why me?
I was like a poison to the society,
A curse so they say,
We must make sacrifices for her,
She isn’t truly one of our own.
Perhaps the gods will listen,
We never prayed for such a gift,
Its an abomination,
I was the nemesis of the town.
I ran away from home,
Far from the gods and useless sacrifices,
None had listened to my prayers,
Neither were my tears enough to heed to.
Solace I seek to find,
Why was I created differently?
Of what sin did I commit in my previous life?
I never deserved this cruel fate.
In the city,
Perhaps I will find my rest,
Little do I know it lies with me,
Not so far away from my grasp.
I stumbled on a stranger,
Hideous of myself,
I tried to hide,
Slowly she gripped me and smiled
“You are beautiful”
The words ran deep like cool water,
Suddenly I tears dropped down my eyes,
Were those words true?
I never had the courage to believe.
She took me before the mirror,
After dressing my wounds and sores,
I looked amazed at what I saw,
Indeed I was beautiful.
The beauty was within so she said,
Keep those words close to heart,
You are beautiful just as you are,
You just have to start believing that.
I cried tears of joy,
Papa wasn’t right
Mama was indeed wrong,
I was just a little special.
So I smiled looking into the mirror
Shame to my society,
For judging my outward looks,
I was perfect just as I am,
They never saw the “beauty within me”
The inward beauty shines brightly within me,
Be beautiful within,
and you will be beautiful without,
My memoirs of the heart will I keep.
  You are beautiful, just as you are; never change yourself for anything. Keep being that which you are. Perfect are you.
Memoirs of my heart %
                                                            © Kudabo Victory 2017
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