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Fragment of fading times,

just like a passing wind,
It comes and becomes faint and blurry,

It becomes part of us as we grow,
builds us up,
filled us with the truth about who we are,

It could be of painful times,
and at times filled with joyful mood,
but it is who we are as we grow,

Memories, Memories,
makes us remember who we were,
what we have gone through,
to become who we are.

You can’t hide and run away from your memories,
you recall it at your  unconscious moment,
It’s natural and beautiful,

Cherish your memories,
with loved ones,
It keeps us happy,
Even when they are not around.

Memories are strength,
when weak and tired,
they are joy and happiness,
when sad and lonely…

Memories are natural, part of us as we grow, brings to us a constant reminder of who we are in the past as we grow. Memories are beautiful… Cherish your memories… It’s worth keeping…MEMORIES…


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