Midnight Cry


A moment of dread and fear,
Causing me to tremble,
I never want to face my dread again,
because I end up crying in pain.
Away , away with it,
dark are the nights,
that cause me to hide,
dark are the nights,
that taunt me with endless dread.
Solace, solace I seek to find,
In the brightest morning,
When things are clear,
and my dread is gone as the morning sets in.
The morning to laugh and worry no more,
waiting each day for the morning,
when my midnight would be gone,
and the fears within are over.
But would my Midnight end?
If I wait each day for the morning to come,
then when my midnight comes again,
What solace do i seek to find/
Trapped within my own fears which I couldn’t conquer…
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