My experience with love

My hands are trembling while typing this

Should I tell you or not?

Will you believe me if I tell you?

I have heard stories, people talk about it, but I can’t believe its happening to me

I have never felt like this before… this feeling is strong

I couldn’t stop the feeling, it started with a crush

I was crushing hard

Its my first experience with love.

Is it real or not? Read on to find out


So am this small, tiny girl; well, people say am not tiny but to me I am whether they believe me or not. So one fateful day…

Believe me, it happened that day.. I fell in love

But it started gradually with a crush… they said not all crush or infatuation leads to love but for me; it was a negative statement. This lead to love

My heart had never beaten hard for something before not to talk of someone.. It was beating hard, that I thought I was sick but no I wasn’t… I was in love

Who was I in love with??

I would even write down poems for this lover.. It was so deep and true.

Well, I became more happy when my love fell in love with me..

You get that feeling of perfection. I had that feeling. I was complete and happy

Together my love and I grew, we learn to trust each other and fight together

Today, I celebrate our anniversary for me and my love are going places.

You have seen my love. My love has challenged you, made you laugh and smile

My love is…..


Are you angry? Oh, did you think my love was a guy?

Oops, am sorry.. Not yet now..

So I fell in love with my writing when I wrote my first piece… The title of the book is funny.. “The Father and the New Wife”

No matter what, I can’t forget that book that had made people smile while I was young and inexperienced. It was turned into a stage play while I was in school.. The joy I saw on people’s face as they watched and learn kept me till today

Someone has once asked me why I write?

My answer was simple ” I don’t write to change lives, I write to spread and put happiness on people’s face. When you are happy, everything changes “

So readers, what are you doing to put a  smile on someone’s face?

What have you fallen in love with? I don’t mean a guy or girl.. Before you do the relationship stuff, what else do you love?

What else gets your heart beating?


What gives you joy undescribable?

What do you desire to achieve with what you have?

Fame? Popularity? Respect?…

Its up to you… but for me…

I desire to spread Joy…

I drop my pen here… for am still in love and I will still be in love…(winks)

Kudabo Victory

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