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So good to have you back, yesterday on quotes; we made a comparison with our flesh and spirit: Which is greater? Kindly click this link to be redirected if you miss it. THE FLESH AND SPIRIT

Yello, Welcome to day 12 of the Challenge and I am so glad to have you join me. Today, I want to speak on living life as though we are on a rescue mission. Indeed we are because truly a lot of things depend on us.

On a Rescue Mission

One of the myth I hold dear is this: If I don’t give up trying i.e. on my dreams, goals in life;- I might be actually saving someone in return.

That person might actually be someone close by, maybe a friend who needs a push to try something new. Maybe someone who is too scared because he pictures daily people laughing to scorn at his dream. In actual fact, it can also be a child who isn’t born into this world, and while I am gone hears about my story and is encouraged to be a beacon in darkness

That’s my believe, I don’t know about yours

But, have something you are aiming for

Living Life as on a rescue mission

That’s the true source of living

If you have no purpose, you are on a pointless journey in life


Who knows, your not giving up on life might be saving another?

So, here is my word to you today,

Never give up,

On life?

On your dream?

Your job?

Anything you hold dear, don’t give up

Someone out there needs a little encouragement from your life

Here’s why you should never give up: READ THIS

See you tomorrow!!!

The Global Brand for Christ, reaching the world with the saving and full gospel of Christ. Imperfect being made perfect in the savior. For without Christ, we are all nothing


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