That the word of God may dwell in you richly through stories, songs, and motivational articles.

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Christian tales

Are you ready to dwell on the Word of God?

For years, I have written stories, articles, and published Christian novels. It is beautiful to write for the edification of the soul and the glory of God, the father. Join me as we dive into the word of God for faith-based stories, inspiring testimonies and lots more.


What the blog offers

Here is my belief, there is always room for more... Three things this website stands for

"Read creative stories coined from Bible verses for your own growth from various guest authors."

bible verses on God's love

"Be renewed in your mind day by day, that you may be alive in the spirit hence you'll not fulfil the desires of the flesh"

"Living as a true Christian in this degenerate world seems more like a herculean task, but I believe one can be morally sound "


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A simple question, what will be your answer? 

With the death of her parents, Kike harbor questions about who she was and what God truly is. When her husband, Martins was diagnosed with brain stem death; the quest to discovery began. What was her conclusion? Is faith in God really true or was everything just a fairytale?

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Admitting Your Mistakes

How do I admit my Mistakes?

You are in the wrong, and c'mon you know you are; but it becomes difficult to admit your fault, be matured about it and say sorry. Here is how to do it like a professional without feeling awkward

To those who are feeling worthless

To those who feel Worthless

There is this feeling you can't do away with, you have tried to hide it with a smile, tuck it under your pillow but nothing seems to work out fine. Ever wondered why you feel worthless? Few things you need to know

Top Ten Hillsong worship with free mp3 download (

Top 10 Hillsong Worship 2019

I love music, and those around me can testify. Hillsong worship remains one of my best favorite worship team. Everyone has a list, I think I am among the 'one'

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