Perfect or Not?

“Am sorry to say but she is…”

It was like a bombshell

The doctor had to be joking…

How can such happen to Funke… No, not her… my fiancée… my fiancée is becoming dumb…

Her case​ is rare, the doctor had said… she can hear but can’t speak..

What’s this Lord? This wasn’t how I pictured a perfect relationship with Funke..
Two more months to our wedding and now this… Dumb

Can I bear this? What would my parents say?

But it was God’s perfect will for me.. In fact, I received the confirmation from the scriptures. Why must I be tested with this?

Why must I? I broke down in grief unsure of what to say when I stepped inside the ward to meet Funke. She was sitting down on the bed, unhappy

She tried to talk but couldn’t.. I couldn’t say anything for she herself had known what’s wrong… she kept trying to move her lips but couldn’t, stream of hot tears brimmed down her face…

The doctor came in handing her a notepad and a pen to write. She looked at the notepad and cried the more…

“You have to write something down, anything” the doctor advised, he pitied her.
Funke nodded in sadness and picked up the pen in tears…

And wrote


She broke down in tears, unable to be comforted by the doctor and I

“Give it time my dear, miracle does happen” the doctor said in a bid to comfort her


What will people say? Once she can talk, but now she can’t again

Her friends, her boss in her workplace, and most important of them all her fiancé… How will they cope with her?

And that was how and when the test started between her and John, her fiancé

John had been supportive ever since I became dumb. He insisted that we carry through with the preparation for the wedding. But I was unsure of myself? What if he is putting up with me because I have no parents and no one to lean onto?

The pastor had encouraged me to never lose hope. A miracle can happen
He had told me that “The thoughts that God has for me are of peace and not evil but to give me an expected end” He said the end will be Perfect as long as I don’t lose hope… this encouraged me a lot as I began to fall in love with my disability

But then… a month prior to our wedding. I had gone visiting to John’s apartment, as we had an appointment in the evening with the pastor and we were to come together. I overheard the conversation with his parents

“I forbid you to marry that girl… of what help will she bring to you?” the mother said in a raised tone showing anger

“Mum, I love her and am sure that’s God’s will for me, you have always told me to walk in accordance with God’s word especially when it comes to marriage, so why then are you stopping me from marrying her?” John replied

“I can’t have a dumb girl as your wife… I forbid it even it is God’s will, your father and I reject it… look at us; ehn John.. We hold significant post in the society and the church, what will people say about us … we will become a point of mockery and I refuse to make that happen so you aren’t marrying her…”

I stood in front of the house with tears on my face, I took my note pad and wrote…

“Mum, I will marry her no one but her; now permit me I have to see the pastor with her this evening”

“John! John!!; listen to me I won’t bless your marriage..

I entered into the house since it was unlocked… I came face to face with John who was about stepping out… he saw the tears on my face and knew I heard the conversation. When the mother saw me, she walked up to me and said
 ” You are not marrying my child, I refuse that; I can’t have you tarnish this family’s name because of your disability ” she stared at me hard in the face and I was sure she meant every word. With tears, I showed them my notepad.. It was time


I flipped to the next page


I couldn’t stop the tears, so I ran out of the apartment; John tried calling me but to no avail. It was over…

Why should Life treat me like this? That was the last thing I remembered..

The next I opened my eyes, I was in the hospital

“Doctor, she is awake”

The voice sounds familiar.


What was I doing in the hospital? I tried to move but I couldn’t due to the pain I felt

“Thank you God” I heard the pastor say as he sat beside my bed

“Its a miracle you are still alive Funke, the accident was fatal.. God kept you for a reason and am sure he still hasn’t forgotten his plan over your life” the pastor continued with happiness in his voice

I couldn’t stop crying even though I couldn’t remember how I landed here..

Hospital again

I tried talking and ….

I did talk

“What happened?”

The pastor looked surprised and happy…

“She talked, Praise the lord…” he said this time in tears..

I heard John cry… he was crying happily…

I can talk… at last God did it… I couldn’t stop crying

The doctor came in this time smiling. I remembered his face..

“A miracle did happen with you, congratulations” he said smiling while checking my eyes and my temperature. ” God is good, that accident could have led to your death but you survived after being in coma for two years “

Coma… Two years…

Has John married then? No, he shouldn’t have; I really wanted to tell him am sorry for leaving suddenly that day… I looked at him, who did nothing but smile

“I have to say I respect your husband…

” Wait, husband? Where is my husband?”

John stepped forward holding my hand with so much love

“I am your husband, we married six months ago in this room, in the hospital” he said kissing the hand he held, showing me the picture taken that day; he had dressed in his suit and I was dressed in a simple white gown. I looked beautiful with my eyes closed. The pastor had joined us together

I couldn’t stop the tears… what did I do to deserve this man? He sat down, holding my hands and wiping away my tears… the man who never lost hope in me, who stood with me through it all. A man exist and that man is my husband.. I thought looking at him with so much respect and love…

“Funke, I told you God’s will if indeed it is one will definitely work out perfectly; God’s plan for you is of peace not evil” the Pastor said in smiles..

Thank you God for loving me so much like this… I thought in appreciation to God…

I got discharged two weeks later and a proper wedding was conducted.. Our love story really gave others hope… His mother asked for my forgiveness, of which I did forgive her

I stood on the pulpit unsure of what to say to the group of intending wives as the preacher for the day… I smiled and I spoke on “PERFECT OR NOT?”using my life as an example. God knows the best for everyone so I opened my favourite verse of the bible for all to read

Jeremiah 29:11
” For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not evil,to give you an expected end”

I had an expected end even greater than which I so prayed for… My story gave them all hope as they all prayed to God

In my heart, I muttered THANK YOU to God as I smiled to my husband who smiled back to me… Yes, it was PERFECT..

From the desk of the writer,
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