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Perfecte Liefde episode 2

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My mother always says that “A broken courtship is better than a broken marriage”; Why then should she be angry with me? Ever since the incident yesterday,  my mother had refused talking to me even after much plea.  My Dad wasn’t of much help either and I began to feel bad.  In the evening,  they came back home returning from the Elder’s meeting in the church with someone accompanying them,  I checked and saw Bro Badmus who was draped in a patterned shirt and trousers. He looked handsome and I couldn’t deny that.  But what was happening?
   Her parents beckoned her to sit down and she did sit on the available sofa far away from Badmus.
  “Mum,  what is happening? It was over with me and him ” she indicated
 “Keep your mouth shut ” her father shouted and she had to cringe.  It had been quite long her dad talked so loud.
 ” Mercy,  I can’t allow you disgrace me,  your wedding is not so far,  the invitation had been given to a lot of people,  I can’t begin to name them all…  And you are telling me it is over between the two of you.  What happened?  You claimed you loved him and I was so sure of that..  Who deceived you into believing money is everything in marriage? The ceremony is just for a day for crying out loud…  Must that day be extravagant?…  I don’t understand you Mercy,  I need answers… ” She said almost in tears that her husband had to squeeze her hand
   “Mum…  I don’t know…  I don’t… L… “
 “That isn’t true,  you don’t like the fact that he is poor, isn’t that the case?” she corrected before Mercy could finish her sentence.
   Badmus had to talk ” Mum,  Dad.. I think it is best I leave Mercy alone…  I totally understand her.. I do..   She is scared and… “
 ” But wait,  isn’t it the Bible who says we should take no thought of the morrow… Haven’t you heard of that? ” Papa James cut in
  “Yes dad” Mercy replied lowly
“Where did you put your faith?  Where is your faith in God? ” the mother asked
 Mercy became mute,  indeed where was her faith?  She is scared of venturing into a future unknown.  Edwin has promised her a lot that Badmus couldn’t even fulfil and she was getting to love him.  His constant pressure had moved her to break up with Badmus and date him. Her father’s words made sense but what happens if the future is fragile with Badmus?  What happens?  She can’t continue to depend on her parents  and she can’t live with a man who earns nothing while she feeds the house?  She can’t.  While thinking,  her mother rose up to sit with her,  she hung her arm around her neck, demanding her gaze to be levelled with hers . ” Is it Edwin?… ” Mercy looked surprised,  how did she know?
 ” I am your mother and I know a lot,  besides  you can’t seem to hide something from me,  I don’t know what Edwin told you but I want you to search deep if you love him,  after all your happiness is all that matters ” she smiled to her
  “Mum….  I don’t know “
“Dear,  listen to your heart, you will find the answer. Go to your God,  he will confirm your answer “
 She was quiet.  She needed time to think.
 “Badmus,  we will get back to you,  give her time.  If God permits,  all shall work according to his will” Papa James said smiling to him.  The boy needs encouragement.
 “Thank you sir” he prostrated as he was about to leave.  He turned back to Mercy who was deep in thought and lost ” I love you, I still do;  so no matter your decision I will still cheer you on” he said all smiles as he bade the family farewell.

Two days straight,  Mercy had cried unto God and searched her heart. She was wrong after all.  She loved Badmus truly for she could remember the first time they meet in a youth conference. He had been a gentleman, full of smiles and funny. She felt attracted at first but kept herself at bay not until the Pastor called her a week after that a brother seeks for her hand in marriage.  She had prayed to God then and several confirmation did follow. She was happy and satisfied at the beginning of them courting  not until Edwin entered into the picture. At first,  she rejected his advances but when Badmus was rarely giving her time like calling her, spending time with her.  She felt left alone and unloved.  Then she began to compare until she succumb to Edwin.
  After praying,  God assured her that he was with her.  He renewed her first love for Badmus and when she told her mother of her decision,  she was more than happy and relieved.
  Badmus had been lovely to accept her back and they planned the wedding without argument.  God was so faithful,  her dream hall was sponsored by one of Badmus old classmate in the University.  He was actually the owner of the hall.  Provision and assistance started coming from every nooks and corner. They did have the blissful wedding and it was glorious.

    It was two months after the wedding,  Badmus came home with a surprising news,  he was made the sole owner of the working place he was managing at, making him the director.  The previous director had handed over everything to him due to the level of trust and confidence.
  I had to look up and cry, thanking God. It had been a blissful marriage with Badmus and Edwin who was out to woo me was actually a married man who was seeking for lovers.
   God proved himself and chase away my fears through the perfect love I have for Badmus and even my lord according to  1 John 4:18a ” There is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fear… “

                                       THE END

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