“Here she comes,the daughter of a bastard, I heard unpleasant rumours about her birth”  a tall girl in her skimpy school gown of creamy colour said trimming her nails as she leaned against the wall of the empty classroom. There were about three other girls with her who all sat on the classroom desks all chewing the gum nonchalantly, they were all referred to as the BIG GIRLS of the school, no one dare messes with them and they all love to do as they please.
   Continuing the conversation, one said ” I heard her mother slept with the town’s mayor while she was young”
    ” No, that’s not true, her mother actually was a cheating wife who had a secret lover, when she found out she was pregnant, she killed her husband”
  “I think actually, the mother was a prostitute who was gang raped” one said affirmatively, making others turn their attention to her words
  “Yucks, that so disgusting!!!”
“So, she is not a one father child”
“I can’t even fathom that, she disgusts me even her face also”
” The face is the problem, filled with pimples, so rough unlike ours” the other girl said feeling her skin as others busted out laughing.
 “You are right, she can never be as beautiful as we are”
  Beatrice let out a silent cry as she  walked past the classroom of the girls, she heard someone call her name and halted cringing with fear because the voice sounds familiar, she turned back hoping it isn’t true.
  The tall girl in the group who was known to be the most beautiful girl in the school and the daughter of a successful business tycoon in the town walked up to her grinning wickedly.
   Oh no, not again!!! She thought within
” Hey girl, look up” she said silently but demanding prompt response. Beatrice afraid to look up as she saw the other girls in the group coming out to meet her one by one, in just a second she was surrounded and kept in their midst with her heard facing the ground
 ” She dare not look up, not with that her oh so ugly face” One said as all bursted out laughing, the tall girl let out a smirk
 All Beatrice could mutter out to be out of their midst was “am sorry” she kept on repeating it making them all to scorn and laugh at her.
  ” Oh oh, why is she sorry again? Did u offend us?” The funniest one among them said as she walked up to her and dusted her cloth by the shoulders. She grinned as she left her after rubbing on her uniform the paint left on her nails , Beatrice looked at her cloth, it was stained red by the shoulder and it was so evident.
   “Oh oh, wow wow, that’s so bad Kate, you have made the ugly girl look more uglier” one said as the other laughed out that same hysterical laugh .
  “She isn’t worth our time, c’mon let’s go, I don’t want to kept i the company of the bastard and ugly” Matty, the tall girl among them said as she kicked Beatrice on the knees making her cry out loudly, she couldn’t help but look up and let out a frustrating cry, She wasn’t sorry for what they did to her, she was sorry and disappointed in herself.
  “Finally, she looked up, I knew that would work​” Matty said as he brought out her Phone which was of the latest model capturing Her face filled with tears brimming down.
  They all walked away smiling as one asked Matty why she snapped Beatrice, Matty answered them with a grin and smirk as the other girls bursted out laughing because they understood well what Matty was up to.
   As far as her legs could carry her, Beatrice ran with tears brimming down, she couldn’t take it anymore, why only her? Who else knows best about who she is?  Her mother died while she was seven before she could tell her the whole truth of who her father was, her foster parents treated her cruelly.
   At times , she wondered if she was indeed the Mayor’s daughter, she had visited the man’s mansion consistently to hear the truth but all she ever met was disappointment.
   Beatrice sat down by the Mango tree far away from the school premises and she let out that same tears she never stopped crying when she entered the school at first.  Why couldn’t she say a word? Why was she even uttering sorry? Why does she even have low esteem? She asked herself repeatedly tired of crying again, she fell asleep.
     An hour later, she heard footsteps, conscious she jerked out of her sleep, and there stood before her a woman in her 60s who had that contagious smile glued to her face, she held out her hand to her, encouraging Beatrice to take it.
  Beatrice looked at her hands filled with dirt’s as she shrugged refusing to stain the elderly woman’s hand which was clean and not as rough as hers.
  The woman understanding her, kept her offered hand by her side and smiled as she said “STAND UP” silently and gently.
 The woman who only kept smiling encouraged her whose eyes was swollen because of tears and her clothes were tattered.
  Beatrice summoned up strength as she stood up and look at the woman giving her a weak smile . She looked at the woman, she ever was the first to smile so purely at the ugly her and the first to speak calmly to her.
  Mrs Ronald,as her name was looked at the young girl.  She indeed have had it rough in life. “What’s your name girl?”
  Beatrice spoke out loud for the first time and that was how things changed in her life.
 LIFE throws ugly scenerio at us at times but how do we cope with it all?
  Twelve years later, “I can’t afford to miss the shareholders meeting, I heard the new successor is a female, beautiful and well known and respected, She could be my friend” Matty said as she was being dressed up. Her mother grinned and happy for her. “Yes, make her your friend, after all you are the President daughter, she dates not make a friend with you who is so famous” Both laughed at her words as Matty kissed her mother bye on both cheeks.
     Having been kept waiting in the hall for about thirty minutes, people became restless as to who the mysterious successor was?
 “Can we have your attention please, we are so sorry for the delay, we will start now” the MD said as all started whispering.
  At last, Matty thought . She had heard a lot about the mysterious woman, she was worth the keep, not that her so called friends were as successful as this woman. She loves being friends with the rich and famous because very soon, her dad will be the President and she would be the most famous of them all.
  The room was silent breaking her chain of thought.
“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome with us the new successor with our predecessor as they come in” There was again huge silence as there was a loud tap of the shoes on the tiled floor, the sound more pronounced, they entered. Matty grinned as she saw her Father beside the crew marching in. Something caught her attention. The successor. Her face was familiar. People were awesome with her beauty. Indeed she was beautiful. After a few introduction, the successor speech was the next. Beatrice fidgeting on her seat afraid to face the crowd , Mrs Ronald held her hand and said the same word she told her twelve years ago”STAND UP” suddenly she became relieved as both smiled to each other, the love radiant in their eyes.
   Beatrice took a bold step to the stage with a smiled glued on her face.
  Good to see you all, and thanks for attending this ceremony, My name is Beatrice Ronald formally known as Beatrice Peters.”
  It was like a bomb dropped off, Matty was shocked as all strength in her was snapped out. The speech continued but Matty mind kept going back to the past about what she had done to Beatrice. Oh no!!!!!
  Beatrice ended her speech with the phrase” I was glad i learnt how to STAND TALL AND STAND UP after all I have faced in Life”
 Now, the lessons learn from the story above are numerous, here are a few:
 Beatrice being termed as UGLY depicts that In life we deal with ugly situations, failures , disappointments, setbacks that makes us look ugly but it’s all going to change if we Stand Up
  The group of girls who scorn depicts that there are those who make jest of us when we go through UGLY situations in life but hold on, it’s just for a while, they might frustrate the hell out of is, but they become tales when we learn to Stand Up.
    Beatrice tears shows that in life, we cry a lot when faced with UGLINESS but don’t you cry for the same situation again after crying it over, be ready to face life and tell the stories of your bitter tears with Joy. Friends may have trampled on your SELF-ESTEEM but move on amist all odds and Stand Tall.
     You might not be like Beatrice who had someone to encourage her to stand up, but you can always push yourself to “STAND UP and learn to STAND TALL” There is brightness ahead of you only if you will wipe those ugly tears you have cried about Life, Face life with tenancity and STAND so that your tales will be sweet to hear.
Remember: If you are having it rough in life, there is certainly BETTER days ahead. There is no sweet success story without you learning how to Struggle through to make it in life. You CAN STAND UP, just Make a Move.


  Feel free to share, comment and Follow. Thanks for reading. With love form the writer.

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