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Reality Talk 3: The Power of Attitude

Welcome to episode 3 of the Reality Talk,  I have to say it has been a long while since the last episode.


So we’ve all got our attitude,  whether good or bad.  And one thing about attitude is that it sticks whether you like it or not. Your attitude speaks a lot about you even when you aren’t talking.
  Our attitude towards a situation determines the outcome we get.

I remembered when I was preparing for an examination,  I was so overconfident in myself that I would come out in flying colors even if I never read anything pertaining to the course.  My thoughts were such that the course is something so easy,  so even while I was reading,  I nonchalantly flipped through each pages shaking my head and smiling that I indeed wasn’t wrong in my over confidence.  I knew the course well to me. The day of the examination came, and I saw some of my mates fidgeting about the course,  I just stopped looking beating my chest of a higher percentage of success in the course.  Even that morning of the exam,  I saw no need in revising all I that I have read.  So we got to the hall and the examination started.  Well well, I did write the exam a little but not very well( you should understand this).
 I started calling upon God for help,  I didn’t want to succumb to the temptation of cheating but no help from God was forthcoming.  Nothing at all.  Who should be blamed?  Myself or God?

The story above partly explains a little about attitude.  You see,  we all have our attitudes.  Whether attitude to life generally,  attitude to friends and loved ones,  attitudes to dream and goals  e.t.c

  I don’t know what your attitude is though whether good or bad,  but I hope you will be ready to change your bad attitude because there is immense power in our attitude.

A popular saying says that “Your attitude determines your altitude”
How far you will go in life all depends on your attitude.  Whether you will tell a success story later on in life depends on your attitude towards your goal.  Have a positive attitude in every situation.  I mentioned once in my quotes sometime later year that  “Positive Mindset with a positive ATTITUDE leads to a positive Future “

 Your attitude takes you far in life,  you might be popular online but what is your attitude,  won’t your attitude repel people from relating with you?
Get a positive attitude.

Deal with that negative attitude before it deals with you.  Stop being nonchalant,  over confident and proud.  You know well those bad attitude in you,  deal with them before it cost you a lot.

 Between a successful person and a Failure  all depends on the attitude.  A failure can be successful if he or she has a positive attitude to become successful.  It all revolves round about your ATTITUDE.

  Once again,  get a Good attitude.  God’s miracle does not just happen if you don’t have a right attitude towards the coming miracle.  Deal with it before it deals with you..

  I hope you learnt a thing or two even though I feel the write up isn’t very detailed?  Until then,  I still remain Kudabo Victory

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