An official letter of notice to our beloved readers of Daachiever

We started off this brand with the name, Daachiever Blog where we share Godly articles, songs, videos and lots more. On 21st of July, 2020; there was a major change to the Brand name, logo and social accounts. The website was down on maintenance for eight days, and there were major changes to the outlook of the website.

We write to you our readers on the recent changes to the website, its name and logo. As it is formerly and popularly known as Daachiever Blog, the name ‘Daachiever’ still remains generic to us, but we are no longer called a blog but an incorporation registered and recognized by Google.

The brand’s color for Daachiever Inc is Dark Violet, Amber, and White. Its meaning will be explained in the image attached to this letter. We want to appreciate all our readers for your support, encouragement, and giving towards this brand. Daachiever Inc. is official, and we are a Global Brand for Christ that will always remain true to sharing Godly articles, inspiring writeups, and encouraging creativity among Christians across the whole world.

The image(s) below shows the former and present website logo of Daachiever Inc; also the meaning of our brand colour and logo.

We appreciate everyone who checked up on us during the restructuring of the website and the rebranding process; we are glad to be back and we promise to serve you better with Godly stories and lots more. By the way, we are back on the Authors’ Interview; click on the link to read from amazing Christian Authors.

Also, check out our business listing on Google here; leave us a review. It goes a long way


Daachiever Inc.


The Global Brand for Christ, reaching the world with the saving and full gospel of Christ. Imperfect being made perfect in the savior. For without Christ, we are all nothing


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