This is a free verse poem, no perfect rhythms; just me writing freely.. It doesn’t have any valid title, feel free to give it one after reading..

I hailed from the city of wealth,
A family with so much affluence,
Had all I wanted within my reach,
It felt so good to have in abundance

In the land of the opulence,
Enthralling and intriguing,
Enthroned with arrogance,
You learn to amass without halting

I wished to be born in indigence,
I wanted to feel impoverished,
To taste being in need,
I can’t gain all with a little change

I heard the rich have it all,
But the poor are more blessed,
They can live life in full,
Now who is more blessed?

The value of joy ain’t in wealth,
Worth of peace aren’t encrypted in gold,
Amiss the bounty of riches,
Where is true Joy that I can’t hold?

Not about fortune or substance,
Where am I amidst it all?
Take away the gold and costly Pearl,
What is left to me?

Take no pride in the substance,
For even if it augment,
What is my exult in life?
For can I be indeed happy with worth?

To have nothing scares me,
But I am in fright of possessing it all,
For what does ‘all’ amass to?
Life is indeed vain

Look past the rosy life,
The florid life you admire,
Those who have much,
Really aren’t all joyous.

Shrouded pieces of our pain,
Hoping it is kept veiled,
For we are nothing with the gold,
Just shelled beings hoping to be found

Oh ye famished ones,
Envy not the affluent,
For death catches with all,
Even with our possession,

I guess we are nothing ,
When death comes knocking,
There is really nothing in wealth,
Oh I pray you may see.

Whether famished or not,
We tell a tale at the end of it all,
To our Master we go,
Just wondered what story we will tell?

   … whether you are rich or poor? I do hope you are living life Right
   Give the poem a title you deem fit… Glad you read to the end..


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