Satisfied %

I had much yet I thought it was little,
I wanted more, yet some others around me,
Couldn’t have a bit of what I had,
I craved for fancy things,

Others dream of just being comfortable and happy,
I was so choked up to attaining more,
Others wish to just be satisfied,
I guessed;
 I never lived in the company of those who had nothing,

Among those who possessed something,
I saw myself as literally nothing,
But in the midst of those with nothing,
I had much than I deserve,

Then I realized that I wasn’t all that wrong,
It isn’t something bad to wish for a better life,
But I was wrong  because,
I couldn’t appreciate the little I had,

I wanted much more,
Yet the little I had,
I couldn’t make do of what I had,
Blame me not,

For I had this thought once
Then I realized,
Be satisfied with what you have.
Are you satisfied?

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