There she is; a girl with enchanting beauty,
A shinning black maiden; admired by all,
She glows daily,
She got the attention she desired,
For that alone kept her happy,
Even when she wasn’t happy.

But then she fell in love,
Like every other girls do,
She loved deeply and truly,
But slowly, she feared;
For her secret lurks behind,
Seeking to be revealed.

What will he say?
Will he bear with her?
Her secret hurts her,
But she had learned to smile daily,
A best way to hide her pain

She forsook love,
I tell no one because they can’t understand; she said,
My secrets are too grave to bear,
For solace I seek to find,
Even in the darkest night.

Slowly, her beauty diminish,
She lost all her admirers,
Nothing looked beautiful to behold in her,
For though she smiles,
She really wasn’t happy.

It is mine to keep,
It’s mine to bear,
Let me live and die alone,
It is my secret not someone else,
I will bear my cross.

Everyone posses a secret,
A secret to keep,
A secret to remember and tell,
Some never hurts,
But mine hurt, she thought.

With her secret she grew,
Sadness hidden in the facade of happiness,
She held it close,
Not until she was about dying;
Then the truth uncovers.

I have lived in vain,
I had nurtured fear for that which I shouldn’t,
I have deprived myself of living,
I had lost it all,
If only I could just open up to someone.

Who would listen to me?
Without making mockery of my secret,
If I tell someone, won’t they tell another?
For who would I trust with my secret?
Only if I had realised before it was late.

I have someone closer to me,
Who I can place my trust in,
Someone whose love is pure,
For in him my secret is safe,
A loving father he is,
That man is JESUS.

For if I leave my secret to him,
Secrets so grave to share,
He would ease me of my pain,
Give me joy undescribable,
Yet keep my secret close.

She on the dying bed,
Wished she had known,
For now its late,
Death beckons,
And with her secret that deprived her joy,
She died.

Hey, you have a secret you can trust no man with?

Why not trust Christ? Your secret is safe with him

He gives you happiness in return and takes your pain.

He is the sweetest one, isn’t he?

Things that deprives you of your Joy, get rid of it. You deserve to be happy..

From the desk of the writer,
Kudabo Victory

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