Close your eyes for a moment

What do you see?

I know, it is a silly question. You aren’t supposed to see anything with your eyes closed

But, do you know many Christians have their eyes closed to their desired future?

How do they do this?

Three things you never knew about the Future

First, many have closed their eyes due to FEAR. There was a quote I wrote sometimes last year, I said: “The Fear of the future is the fear of the unknown”. Many do say; Learn to do it AFRAID, why? Because success only comes to those who are willing to take a risk

If you allow fear cloud your eyes from the future you desire, then it is all going to be a fairy tale, your dream. Let’s look at an example in the Bible; the 12 spies that were sent to Cannan to see the land flowing with milk and honey, because of fear of failing and being killed, 10 of them came back with an evil report.

But Joshua and Caleb decided to do it afraid. Why? They had unflinching trust in their God. As believers saved and called by Grace, we shouldn’t allow fear to stop us from viewing the future we desire. Take a step today, open your eyes; your dream is achievable, why? Because you have the saviour by your side.

Seeing the future with eyes opened: 3 things to know

Another factor on this is CONSTANT COMPARISON WITH NO RESULT TO BE BETTER. Do you always compare yourself with another? A secret, let me tell you this; for every second you compare and fawn over another person’s dream; the more minutes you spend feeling worthless and useless in life. I am a living witness of this, you see the world of Social media is filled with quite a number of people who tell success stories more often than their secret failures.

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They appear so perfect to us that you begin to feel low and unworthy. When I saw this, I made a decision to be different such that whenever I see an influencer online appearing to be a saint and all-knowing, I say to myself “God, help me not to make others who see me feel worthless. But, let me live a life such that individuals are challenged to be better at what God has called them to be”

One competition in life that you must win is the COMPETITION WITHIN YOU. If you can overcome it, then everything is possible. As long as you believe in yourself, the future is bright and glimmering.

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Remember, you can only enjoy the scenery view of an environment when you have your eyes wide open.

Beloved, open your eyes; the future is bright.

So cheer up


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