Self Thought 10- The Finale

Why do we at times blame the prostitute and armed robbers around?

I am not referring to those who willingly became such thing of their own accord, I mean those who had stories to tell of what pushed them into it? Just exactly why did they venture into that? Was it friends, pleasure,love of money or threat that pushed them into the business?

  Or what would you have done exactly if you were faced with such they faced? 
  Imagine a girl who came from a very poor yet godly background, she was the strong willed type,and the dote of the parents but suddenly in school, everyone had more than she had in clothes and food , she wasn’t interested in joining at first, she wanted to maintain her stand but suddenly the parents died and she had no one to support her or finance her, then friends came into the situation and rendered the help she so much desires, in fact they provided all she needs and now she faced the temptation of joining them,at last she did and became what she is today-  a prostitute.
  Was she wrong?  People might say that she couldn’t hold on her stand? What would she have done when she had no one to support, she was poor from the scratch, nothing at all?
 Some people will say, that she wasn’t the only one faced with such, so why compromise? 
But let me ask you, what if you were the one, what would you have done? 
What step would you have taken against all odds? 
  I am not saying their decisions were right, but at times I asked myself if my willpower was strong enough to hold me if ever I was in their shoes. 
That’s why we have life stories to learn from, because someone who was raped at a tender age became great in life ,doesn’t mean another with the same story with her will be? The willpower and inner strength distinguishes them. Some things happens to others for us to learn from their story.
  Someone’s weakness is to give strength to another not to follow in that pathway.
Before we put blame on others, check out their stories and ask yourself what exactly would you have done if you were in their shoes?
  I got to understand that until we are faced with the troubles others have faced can we truly test our strength?
  Do you say you are honest, let the test come and let’s see if you indeed are?
Are you just, why not wait until you are tested?
Are you really holy, wait until the test comes?
  If when you are tested, you fall; oh then remember you have no right to judge someone, you are just not strong enough.
  You see,life is full of stories; your stories are meant to be told for someone to avoid a pitfall before them. 
At times,let’s be practical before we judge and slander
Because can you boldly say, you have that great willpower to hold on to your resolve no matter what? If you can, congratulations you must definitely have a tale to tell.
If it were you, what would you have done? 

Ask yourself that, because we all are just human and some people are  lessons in the world, some are a blessing but at times some are both. Which One do you wish to be?
To those who had lost their way, there is still room for a change, things have not been totally lost. Tell your stories for others to learn. Don’t be hard on yourselves,  THAT’S LIFE.
       Your story is a lesson for others to learn from when you had fallen so they won’t also fall.
One thing, knowing God perfects all ,seek to know him and he will mend you.
If it were you, what would you have done?
Hurray!!! Self thoughts series ends today, thanks to those who had read from one to the end. Thanks for the comments and shares.
I do hope I was able to touch someone. Remain blessed and anticipate my next series.

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With love from the writer. I remain my humble self, Victory.

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