Self Thought 9

Oh ye avid readers of either books,magazines,newspapers or newsletters and the likes. I greet you all since am part of you. We are all a team.
  Have you ever carried a book ,at first you were reluctant to read it but something just draws you to it like magic or sometimes serious boredom made you carry the book to read.
You flipped through the first page,you were like what was the writer thinking, this thing is boring; this wasn’t what I expected considering the big grammar of the book’s title; you felt like sleeping but suddenly you gave it another try and turn to the next page, but then you have been whirled away by the beauty of the context of the book, it suddenly became fun to read and you just couldn’t stop getting induced into reading further.
  As serious and interesting you found that book, you forgot to eat,sometimes even brush your teeth; mosquitoes were singing around your ears, you just ignored it, you were so caught up and captivated. Your mother calls you to assist her in something, all you said was that you were coming never even standing up at all from the bed. You lost track of time and kept reading,you won’t stop until you see the end.
  It happens at times and yes it shows you really loved reading.
Are you captivated by the dream you have?
At times, our life changes course, you planned on studying physiology in school for example, in fact you have planned it all down on what you will do once you finished studying the course, but suddenly you were given Jumpology for example. What?? You screamed and annoyed, you went ahead with the course but along the line you fell in love with the course so much you wonder and asked yourself why you wanted to study physiology. You weren’t captivated at first,but the desire to bring out something useful made the course captivating and enticing.
  Are you captivated with what you are doing, although that wasn’t what you wanted? Because it changed course doesn’t mean its useless and of no value.
   Make good of that which you have or possess.
I once attended a seminar of a woman who is now a doctor by degree, she wanted to study medicine at first,but it just wasn’t God plan, she was assigned to study Education but now she is a doctor, she said this, though I can’t remember exactly, it’s being quite a while
” I wanted to be a doctor then because of the prestige and honour the name holds, but now in my field am also a doctor,they save lives but I save my own course,we both save and we both are doctors ”
So, what’s that thing you find yourself doing, and it looks like it isn’t in accord to what you wanted out of life,I will tell you not to stop, get captivated by what you are doing so much that you fall deeply in love with it.
Don’t be so caught up in the fact that the little you have can’t become something great, most of us at times chase dreams because of what we see or hear not because of the love and passion we have for it.

That little can be great, just be captivated and fall in love with it.

Self thoughts series will conclude with 10, and I will start a new series on Stories, yeah!! Am happy for the reads,likes,comments and shares.
No man is an island of knowledge, we all learn everyday; feel free to share your thoughts and what was your best self thought so far??
Thanks guys you are the best

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