Self Thought 2

Don’t lie oh!! We all have that one cloth that doesn’t size us again? Or that one shoe we so much love but you just can’t wear it again. If you don’t have, you are not growing oh because me I once had clothes that can’t size me again, if I try to wear the cloth, mehn am in deep soup because I will suffer.
     You went to a boutique, you saw this beautiful gown, red made to the call, you were attracted to it and you just loved to have it; You checked the size, hah!! It’s not my size. You know its not, but some of us ehn ; even I do it at times, will stare at the cloth and buy it with the hope of adjusting it to meet our size. With the deed done, you took the cloth home with full assurance of getting something that will suit you when you adjust it.
     You tried wearing the cloth, the thing entered your neck, you muttered Thank God, at least it sha has entered, drawing the cloth down a bit, you find it hard; you called your friend or room mate to help you draw the cloth down,they tried it’s not working. You took a deep breath , re-enforcing yourself after resting, you call two of your friends together with the other one assisting you, they became three, they all in unison dragged the cloth down and finally it entered. You aren’t comfortable but you looked into the mirror and savoured the view you saw. Beautiful. I will take it to a tailor and mend it, to remove the cloth sef from your body na wahala.
        You went to the tailor and she told you nothing can be done. You weren’t happy but you so much love the dress and you couldn’t let go. At least let me wear it out once before I give it out. Hmmmmmmmmm!! Stubborn and unyielding you went through the same problem when wearing it before, you went out and not long after ,you heard a “tear”; in your mind you asked yourself “I hope it’s not my cloth that tear oo!! ” God have mercy oo please , which mercy? You did yourself ni ooo.

To cut the illustration short, you see IT DOESN’T FIT IN.

There are things that don’t fit in life,marriages,careers and goals.
There are some behaviours and characters we just have to let go,even if we find them beautiful. It’s not for you.
In life, some friends aren’t meant to be our friends;
Some Men aren’t meant and compatible for some Women;
Some relationships aren’t meant to be;
Don’t judge by beauty ,fame, opinion of others, when you find out that it’s not fitting in, let go.
   You see there are some signs you will see that someone isn’t meant to be your friend or that what you are doing isn’t meant for you; Check the tag attached and watch out. Don’t make some friends because you are the friendly type. Not everybody is your friend, not every potential suitor is the husband or wife. Be vigilant and extra careful.
  Beauty is just open for all to see, the inward matters; don’t make a friend, chase a dream of being a doctor because it’s a great profession and it’s lucrative. Search deep before you leap.
   Some so called friends are pain, some profession are time wasters when not meant for you.
   When it doesn’t fit in, don’t force it; it will hurt you in the long run.
Some things just don’t add up into our lives. Knowing God perfects it all.

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