Self Thought 3

Again, today I will write on something that affect us all. The illustrations are fictional!!


I had a very good friend of mine, we were so close that people often thinks that we were blood sisters whereas we weren’t. I had longed to have a friend who knows me and accepted all I ever was in my past. I wanted someone who I can tell my deepest secrets.
   We had been friends for 5 years and I could totally TRUST her with all my secrets, but I was afraid of telling her that deep secret. We chatted regularly like lovers in  love and we were inseparable, so I should be able to tell her my secrets now; I thought.
    So I mustered up courage and call her that faithful night and told her the deepest secret I couldn’t bear to tell anyone but her. She was silent on phone and told me she would get back to me and visit me soon.
    That was the last time I heard from that friend of mine, its been six months now; I called her number, she wasn’t picking up at all. Had I trusted wrongly?? I searched for her at her place but I was told she had travelled, sooner my secrets were exposed in school and I was ashamed and angry at my self for trusting blindly. I cried and asked myself who then should I trust in life?? TRUST is wide and deep

On Depression..

Among we six, I was the only who didn’t have a job and I was being nuisance among them all. I live each day as I always lived, go out in search of job and sleep most at times all day doing nothing, just like any other day I woke up and logged on to Facebook, saw my mates posting about getting married next month,some others celebrated the birth of their first child while here am I still in search of a good job. I was depressed and down casted, so I stayed off my phone for days, lied down on the bed and started thinking.
  It was during these moments I remembered my past mistakes and why I did what I did. I was angry at myself for making such mistakes. My friends called me to to go out, I rejected their offer, after all they were all better than I do. Those who cared try to reach out to me but I told them I was okay, so they all left me alone in self pity and wallowing. I was depressed and tired of myself…
    Depression slowly kills, we all undergo depression and at such moment we tend to remember our past mistakes and unnecessary blame and hate ourselves. We tend to hate others success and wished they all passed through exactly what we are going through and see how much it hurts..
   Hmmm, depression kills slowly when not combatted. Talk to someone today and live a free life that you so much deserve..

Readers, what are your thoughts? Let’s hear them…

Thanks for Reading

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