Self Thought 5

I really want to be open to all who don’t know this secret about me, you are all my friends and I think you need to know the truth about that secret, have kept it for a long time and its been bothering me in my heart to confess and say the truth to you.
  ” I always set alarm but never for once have I woken up to the alarm”, Yes, that’s me and seriously I don’t. If you like, believe me or not
   The day alarm sound and I happen to wake up on time to put the alarm off, then something must have happened. The best Alarm for me is my MOM and for that I love her because she does it well.  If I tell her that I want to wake up by 3:00am and read, she definitely will wake me up on time and I dare not answer.
You might be wondering what alarm and Mom have to do with today’s self thoughts; that’s my main topic on ALERTNESS
In life, you have to be alert, don’t get so carried away and then be lost unless you will lose focus of your goal in life.
  It baffles me at times when I enter a cab with someone at the same time and then ten minutes later, the person has started sleeping, not even slight dozing but I mean real sleep, some even snore ; pardon me.
I don’t doze off in a cab when am alone but when am out with someone I really know and am really tired,then I can sleep with full assurance with the hope of someone waking me up when I get to my destination.
  In the light of achieving a goal in life, we have to be alert and active; don’t DOZE OFF on your way to achieving greatness.
  When you have a goal to achieve and then you know yourself to be the type that forget things, always have a REMINDER, someone who will keep you awake and stir you up to achieving that goal no matter what.
  At times, we lose tangible opportunities when we are inactive and less alert, golden opportunities pass us by, sometimes we lose things precious to us just like someone who doze off in a cab and has the phone or money stolen.
  The reason why we need a Reminder is so that when we actually don’t want to keep going to reaching our goal, we have someone or something that shares the same thought and vision with us that will stir us up to continue.
  Even in Christendom, Christians are charged to be watchful, you can’t afford to sleep off on duty less the devil will make a ship wreak of your Christianity, and that’s why we have brethrens who help to lift up the falling Christian and wake up the sleeping on duty Christian to be watchful.
   Don’t be so caught up in comfort all the time, gear yourself up and be always alert. If you are the type like me that won’t wake up with an alarm, always have someone who pulls you up to keep running to achieve that goal.
   Have the GOAL but be Fully ALERT to achieve that goal without losing things precious and tangible.
   Don’t “Sleep off” on the duty of achieving your life dream less you tend to lose a lot. Have a “Reminder” and never lose sight or track of that goal and dream in life.
     Hope you learnt something?
    Thanks for Reading
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