Should You Hide It?

  Many a time we keep the most beautiful things to us hidden to avoid it getting damaged or spoilt; we take care of it with such extra care like it’s all we ever had, some even go to the extent of keeping it wrapped to be kept well hidden. But at times doing this, what we keep so hard loses its Value as time goes by. 
   Imagine a bride who on her wedding day received a lot of gifts, but out of all her gifts she so much loved a beautiful purse given to her and she keeps it hidden for years, not using the purse once for five years; but she kept admiring the purse every day in her room. The day she decides to bring out the purse from where it was hidden,  the purse will not look beautiful unlike when she was initially given.
The illustration above might look bland but I am trying to draw out a point, you see that’s what happens when you keep your talents hidden.
Let’s proceed further:
    1.   You find out that you can sing, I mean sing very well that you can even produce your own song but you decided that to you, you just don’t have the time to sit down and bring out that gift, you go about singing in your closet and on a day someone hears you sing, they are like “Wow, I never knew you sing well” You blushed hard because it wasn’t the first time you heard that from someone, they told you to develop on it and produce your own song, you counted out thousand of reasons why you couldn’t do that.
      2.  You could draw before, in fact, you bring nature into reality with your drawing, people fall in love with your artwork the first time they saw it, you know love at first sight; but for some time you abandoned drawing because you find it difficult to make out time, to you academics was predominant; drawing isn’t your priority now, you tell others it’s just what I love doing but man I got no time. That’s what you always say.
    3.  You excel well at writing poems and anything related to literature, at your school poetry competition, you emerged the winner, even when you speak, you speak wisdom but invest time in developing yourself, you said no that’s isn’t your calling, you are in the science class so what’s your business with art, I just happen to love English you tell yourself, slowly and slowly the talent does away.
     Suddenly one day, it dawned on you; after achieving the degree you so much wanted and you couldn’t get the satisfaction you wanted from the job you do, you suddenly remembered; Oh, I had this talent of drawing, singing, writing and so on, you hurriedly rushed home to pick some of the works you had penned down, you tried singing but you couldn’t bring out a sound, you were irritated by what you heard yourself sing; you tried writing a simple poem but nothing came into mind; you picked your drawing materials, so happy you are it’s being years but even a simple biro, you couldn’t draw perfectly. Then you asked yourself, Oh My What Has Gone Wrong?
What exactly happened?
  Because God gave you a talent, you believed the talent will be there forever even though you do nothing, wake up the talent will die away if you do nothing, God had a reason why he gave you such talent, he wanted you to be a blessing. Do you think hiding away your talent is the best? Ok, many wished they had even little of that talent you kept hidden, but they couldn’t.
Note: No matter how beautiful that talent can be, once it dies off, it’s gone forever but some could be lucky if Grace prevailed but not in all cases.
Other causes of Dead talents:
1. Laziness: This factor is a very dangerous disease, you plan to do something but you find it so difficult to do it, laziness and procrastination are talents and dream killers we all must learn to overcome. Avoid being lazy, it destroys.
2.  Inferiority complex: I must say, this too is huge. Stop comparing yourself with someone else, you are different. There was a time I do compare myself with others to the point I feel pressurized when am with such a person but it was pushing me to the edge and I was diminishing in value so to say, this is a great matter that’s shouldn’t be overlooked, I say don’t compare; because someone draws better than you or does something better than you is nothing to feel bad about, I mean it’s normal, we are different and we walked not the same way.
3. I don’t care attitude ( ITCA): They tell you to start from somewhere, you shrugged it off saying you don’t care, someone told you that you should do it like this so as to be better, you flare up and got offended. I don’t care kills talent, your friend advised you to start something with that talent of yours, you felt no it’s not the time, I pity you it will die off.
Other factors abound but I can’t say all, you have to stop hiding your talent, we all have something embedded in us by God. We will all give an account of how we used what he gave us.
  Whether it be writing, write
  Whether it be singing, sing
  Whether it be giving, loving, caring, visiting; do it, and shine your light to those around you.
  Don’t hide it away because you felt it was too beautiful for others to see, it will diminish sooner than you expect and it might be too late then. Start something with what God had deposited in you, look deep and you will see that you have a special gift God gave you.

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