Someday You Will Remember Me: A Heartwarming Story 1

Someday You Will Remember Me: A Heartwarming Story 1

Someday You Will Remember Me Episode 1

Someday you will reminisce your childhood years. How joyful they were. How packed and filled with sweet memories of exhilarating crescendo, you will remember with nostalgia, those who spiced up your life back then; your childhood friends. The ones you played together, fought with, built castles together, played husband and wife together, and shared dreams and aspirations. And then, your mind will go straight to Upienebong, your best friend. The one who defended and protected you from been harmed by other more energetic children of your age.

The one who sacrificed so many things for you. The one who received so many lashes of the cane in school in your place because he couldn’t stand to watch you wallow in pain. You had a phobia for canes and manual punishment back then in school because you were so soft and fragile that most of your friends call you “woman’. So Mike took it upon himself as a fraternal duty to protect you from bullies.

He always fought for you, and most time, he got beaten up blue-black by people stronger than him just in a bid to protect you. He always receives your share of punishment back then in school. He would close his eyes and absorbed the pain as the lashes pierced deep into his marrow just for the sake of you. Later on your way back from school, you would shamefully and remorsefully tell him.

“Upiene, sorry, for the pain, and thank you for taking extra lashes for my sake, ” He’d fake a smile and say jocularly, gerarahia, don’t you know I’m a hard man?”

For him, a true friend was one who knew the weakness of his friend and struggled to complement it by fighting to defend him when his strength failed him without making him feel inferior.

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Everybody regarded him as a foolish boy. Mumu boy. He didn’t bother because the love he had for you towered above all ridicule. Not as if he was doing that for any favor. Apart from the joy of friendship that you both share, he received no support from you.

You were a chief beneficiary of his benevolence. His family was better off than yours economically. There were times he starved himself so that you could eat whenever you complained of being hungry. There were times he would sneak out of the house with his food to your home so you guys could eat together.

He was a friend everyone prayed to have, and you were so grateful to God for giving you such a special friend. He kept many of your secrets and never for once betrayed you. To you, he was a true definition of friendship, so that if someone asked you, “What is friendship?” You would quickly reply without even thinking that “Friendship is Upienebong and Upienebong is friendship. “

People in the community often say that you two were destined for each other that was why you had so many things in common. ” That you were supposed to be born a twin and nature played a fast one on you guys before your birth when you were both asleep, separating you from each other; just to put a smile on the faces of your parents and that of your friend, Upiene whose mother was barren.

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The similarities of the stories that surround your birth glued both families together. Your parents were married for fifteen years before they had you. Upiene’s parents were married for nineteen years. It was in the 20th year that God finally heard their cry. That was why the named him ‘Olom Upienebong, ‘God has finally heard my cry.’ Your parents named you ‘Ufudagelle,’ meaning, ‘bringer of great joy” because your birth brought great joy to your family.

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Upienebong, cried bitterly the day you told him after your primary education that you were going to the city for your secondary school. Of course, he thought you were joking or pulling some expensive stunt on him as you often did.

He left your house with a river of tears cascading down his cheeks, you almost broke into tears too but you held yourself. Of course, he knew that it was a joke but this joke was too expensive. It’s already late into the night, he’d go home and rest for the night.


First thing tomorrow morning, he would get to know about it, whether it was true or one of this their childhood fantasies of always admiring and craving for city life. He would even stay awake until tomorrow.

Episode 2 comes up soon!!!

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