Who are we?

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We are on a mission to connect Christians across the globe; with one goal – sharing the gospel of Christ most simply, reaching out to the world around us.

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Irrespective of age, color, gender, beliefs, opinions; everyone, Christian creatives (aspiring or already one) is welcomed to our family. One thing unites us all; the Word of God

What are the Contents we accept?

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The Bible – Our Guide


We welcome creative stories woven around the Scriptures in the Bible; also you could share a fictional or true-life story as long as it engages with our audience, and serve the purpose of edification, upliftment, and Spiritual enlightenment.


Do you love writing devotionals, then we do love devotionals. Devotionals are intimate, connecting us to the Father, and Christians across the world. Come and share with the world, the hub of Christians just like you, what God’s dealing in you has birthed.

Christian Songs and Videos

Connecting with songs never goes wrong; share your favorite songs with us as a family. Also, do you sing? or you love making videos? We have a platform for you to thrive. Let’s binge on your amazing videos, and your soul-lifting songs.


We call on Christian poets along to globe to share their works with us. Guess what, we could also feature your poem on our podcast. Anything to share the good news, we are IN. Use that gift for God, and share it with the world, through us as a medium

Book Reviews

Are you an author of super amazing and soul-transforming books? Then, you could send us a review of your book; we share with our community, and we reach the world one step at a time with the timeless lessons in your book. Or, do you love reading, and you have stacks of reviews you have penned down about those books? Why not help the not-so-lazy-but-busy Christians who need the motivation to pick up that book by your flawless review?

Movie Reviews

Are you talented in drawing out valuable lessons from movies? Do you write out reviews about those blessed movies you have watched? Share the knowledge with the world; it is a never-ending circle of passing value. Who knows, your review could be what someone needs to read, but hasn’t had the time to watch a scene on the movie. We are all different, thus let’s make it simple for others; yet spreading the glad tidings.

How do I submit a post?

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Easy as peasy; here is how to submit a post on the website

  1. Get your article ready
  2. Meet up with the word count for your article category
  3. Submit using this link
Word Count for Each Categories

Short Stories (Fiction/Non-Fiction)

  • Must be within 300-600 words
  • Correct Biblical References should be used (if you are writing a story coined from the Bible)
  • Can break your story into series, not more than 15 episodes
  • Be genuine and true to your writing style. We want relatable story, and not out of the context illustration

Submit Your Post


  • Must be between 300-800 words
  • Original post by the author, should you need to include devotionals written by another author; indicate in your post before submission. We don’t want plagarized documents; thus we promote originality.
  • Appropriate use of Bible References

Submit Your Post


  • Must have a title
  • Must be between 300-500 words
  • Could address issues in the society, but must have a biblical application or knowledge impartation. We don’t accept entries for the fun of it.

Submit Your Post

Christian Songs/Videos

  • Must have appropriate title related to the song/video
  • Copyrighted content must be indicated to avoid immediate deletion of your entry
  • You are permitted to promote original song/video
  • We don’t have a cloud storage for videos, we suggest you input external links(YouTube, Vimeo etc) to them if you want others to view.
  • Quality cover image is a plus
  • No word limit, but we suggest it shouldn’t be more than 600 words for proper engagement.

Book/Movies Review

  1. Must be between 600-1000 words
  2. Quality cover image of the book/movie to be reviewed is an added advantage
  3. Must use appropriate title of the book/movie, NO CLICKBAIT TITLE IS ALLOWED
  4. We don’t support sharing of the PDF file of the book author, except by permission. You could, however link to top websites with DCMA approval like PDFdrive.

Additional Resources

We are glad you took your time to publish your content with us; however, as a brand, we want whatsoever we put out or showcase to be nothing but quality. We are glad to share the following resources to help you get started with publishing on our website.

  • Cover/Featured Image: Use Canva or Crello; but we suggest Canva; because that’s what we used for its simplicity and user friendliness. When creating a featured image for each of your post, be reminded of the following:
    • Recommended cover image size is 1920px(width) by 920px(height)
    • Make use of our brand colour: #FFBFOO and #2C009F
    • Your design must have an image for engagment

Learn how to design a suitable cover image on Canva here:

  • Accepted Design format: The below images are our pre-approved templates for each featured image; you are free to apply changes as you deem fit. We will let you know if it is acceptable. See the templates below:
  • Article Structuring and Grammatical errors: Use Grammarly or Prowriting Aid, but we suggest Grammarly, because that’s what we use. And, it has a free version which does amazing things like correcting your spellings, tenses and restructuring of your phrases. Please, kindly self-edit your posts before uploading. Thanks.
  • Quality Images: If you use Canva, you get access to quality yet free images, should the picture to accompany ypur post not be on Canva, we recommend you use pexels.com, unsplash.com or other platforms you know. We love and embrace quality.


  • We hate to break your heart; but our team of editors might screen your post and not find it suitable for our audience. If your article isn’t published, we will reach out to you via mail; and tell you why we decided to take that action.
  • Your submitted entry will be published in two weeks or more because of the entries we recieved. It is hard at times to keep up.


We currently do not offer to pay our writers; we are a non-profit organization just starting up; with the sole message of reaching the world with the gospel. Little stipends we make on this blog through Ads are channeled to pay for some of our premium packages that keep this website running. Thank you.

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