DISCLAIMER: This is an Easter series written to celebrate and remember the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus, our savior. The account of this story is taken from Matthews 27,28

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Pastor Collins picked up his Bible, flipped through a few pages in the New Testament when he began speaking

“The lesson from Arimathea, I must confess I have never thought of it in that direction; thank you, grandma, for sharing such valuable lessons. May God give us the grace to honor him in all things, no matter what”

In unison, everyone chorused “Amen”

“The Pharisees are so popular unlike- “he paused when every burst out laughing

“Oh yes, Collins. They were so popular” Granny added grinning wide

“I will be speaking on the fruitless effort of the Pharisees from Matthew 27:62-66”

“Go ahead”

Pastor Collins rose up standing in between the crowd seated in a round circle, he took a few stride across the grass field.

“The Pharisees, you know what I love about them?” he paused, smiling slightly

“What?” Hanks asked

“They have a good memory; their retention level is high. They remember things easily that even the disciples of Jesus seem to have forgotten, why?”

“They are jobless” Granny chipped in chuckling between words, some of the elders laughed

“Granny might be right; they seem to be jobless anyway” he confessed shrugging his shoulders.

“When Jesus’ body was laid to the tomb, even his disciples seem to have forgotten the word of the master when he said he was going to rise up on the third day; but the Pharisees never forgot. Lesson; the enemy never forget no matter what; that’s when the holy spirit comes in an excellent way for believers, the spirit of remembrance. Luke documented this well in chapter 24:6-8; the angel of God had to bring to remembrance the words of the savior to the perplexed disciples”

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“What lesson am I driving home here; as we celebrate this season; we should remember the goodness of the lord, claim the promises as declared by the scriptures. Remember the promises of God for your life, because our Risen Savior never fails”

Easter Series- His resurrection from the dead
Image Source: The Baptist Bulletin

He swallowed, took a few stroll once again before he continued speaking

“The Pharisees had another hidden talent; can anyone guess?”

“Talent?” Granny spoke

“Yes, talent”

“What could it be?”  Bella wondered

“To save time, I would help you”

“They have the ability of engaging in fruitless effort. They are always interested in altering God’s plan but here is an undeniable fact; they always fail”

“They thought they could stop the divine plan of God by putting soldiers by the sepulcher but they lie”

“Hallelujah” Grandma laughed excitedly clapping her hands together in sync

“What then is the lesson? If Jesus could not be stopped from rising up from the tomb even when the Pharisees effortlessly tried to bar the tomb; nothing can stop us as believers from shinning. The scriptures say, Arise and Shine for thy light hath come. The light is Jesus, the risen Lord of all. Death could not hold him captive, nothing can hold us captive as long as we remain God’s faithful children. I think this should fill us with confidence”

“Oh yes” came mumbled reply from the crowd as some shook their head in agreement

“There is one last thing I must share before I have my seat”

“As believers, I believe this time of the year should fill us with warmth, confidence in the savior; aside from the merriment, the eating and visitation it should be a solemn moment when we remember the heroic deed of our savior. It should be a time when we honor God like Grandma said, a time of fellowship with Christ and remembrance of the great commission. The Savior rose to fulfill the scriptures, and as believers, we should rise up to fulfill our task of declaring the gospel of Christ unashamed”

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