She smiles daily; to keep the tears that flows beneath her face,
Only she could know the feelings that runs deep within her,
Cos with each passing day, the pain within runs deep,
Who could hear? Who can soothe her aching heart?

Moments roll by,  the day passes by as the night darkens with drear,
She carries the pain within ,only wishing to share the darkest ,
Tears roll down her face, still smiling to hide the hurt,
She patiently waits for the breaking of the day.
For only then can she forget how much it hurts deep within.

Morning rolls in, she wakes up to her dread,
Facing the fear that she runs from,
For she finds solitude alone when she is fast asleep,
Could death be the answer she seeks for?
She wished that would ease her pain.

Her day began just has she lived it everyday,
Friends, fans and families around to see her smile,
She lived solely for them to see her happy in their own way,
But deep within, she wasn’t who she was outside.

For only her could tell what goes on within
She solely waits on for the day someone would see her pain not her smiles…
For she was indeed only a “human” within ,
Enclosed in a shell to hide her innermost true self.

Conclusion: The poem portrays human beings as solely a shell filled with different emotions, not everyone who smiles is truly happy,we all have fears,secrets we hide … We are truly only human beings.
We should learn to lend a hand of compassion to those around us for we know not what they go through even when they claim to be so happy.. You might be “someone” a shelled being is waiting for…… Truly human within we are with different emotions…

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Unknown · March 25, 2017 at 9:24 pm

We all have stories to tell, since we are all human being .
This is nice.

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