The Presbyterian Pastor Episode 8



“I had another dream again; this time around; it was more vivid. I think our Son is in danger” Deborah informed pacing round the sitting room

“Will you just sit down? Nothing is wrong with our son” Mr Makinde replied confidently as he flipped through the newspaper in his hand

Deborah irritated walked out

“Where are you going now? Are you going to meet him?” he shouted back at her

He never cares

He never cared

Deborah thought, walking around the veranda. No wonder, his Son never loves him. How could he successfully pastor a church for years with this attitude of his?

Worried about the dream, she brought out her cellphone in her pocket; perhaps another try. She would try calling her Son again

She dialled his line, but there was no response

It has been four days already; Hosea wasn’t so irresponsible not to speak with her even for a day, they promised each other to communicate at least once a day.

Oh God, don’t put me to shame

He is my only Son

God, take charge

Pacing around the garden, she kept praying in words and tongues. She couldn’t bear to lose her only child. Mr Makinde stood watching his wife praying; there was nothing wrong with Hosea, he was so sure of that after all God had promised him that his Son would be kept from many arrows and spears. He wished his wife could just believe as he did; but there was no prayer wasted, he retired back into the house.

God, I put up my Son into your hands, remember your covenant of peace when I gave birth to him. Remember, Oh Lord, for good. Wherever Hosea is right now, I soak you in the blood of Jesus. You are delivered from evil, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Hosea, you shall be a testimony in the land of the living. God’s purpose in life shall be stamped upon you. My Son, live and not die in the name of Jesus. Live, ni oruko Jesu

Martha stood up as the soldiers returned looking tired, it had been three days they had searched for Hosea, but it was futile. She walked up to them looking worried

“Any luck?” she asked her fiancé

He looked up, disappointed “Nothing.”

“All we found was his cloth torn,” he said showing her the patterned shirt Hosea had on before his disappearance

“Shouldn’t we tell his parents? I am sure the mother must be worried” Margret suggested

“The General returns today; I briefed him yesterday night; he told me to wait for him before I take any step” he looked at her; she was more concerned than he thought she would be. This wasn’t the time to be jealous, but he couldn’t help wonder what relationship the new pastor had with his fiancée. Maybe when all this was over, they would talk.

He heard the sound of people coming from the church “What’s happening? There is no service today?” he asked her

“One of the eldest women suggested we pray; she was worried.”


“Yes, you can join us too. Who knows, prayer can turn the situation around, I believe it does.”

“You are right” he smiled at her; then called the soldiers who sat on the grass tired from scouting the town for two days straight.

“Maybe, they should rest Vincent; you look tired also” she looked at his face, then held his hand

“Let them rest; when my father comes, then he will tell us what to do next.”

He squeezed her hand “I can still pray, dear, let’s go.”

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“Rest Vincent, please” she spoke softly pleading

“No, you look more tired than I am, come one let’s go; it is your friend we are talking about here.”

Martha looked up at him, then smiled “I never thought I would hear you say that.”

“Say what?” he said holding her hand tight as they walked to the church

“You never considered Hosea to be a friend for some days now.”

“I am still considering” he chuckled and she laughed slightly

She was relieved they were now on speaking terms

Thank you, God, Martha thought within squeezing his hand, Vincent smiled

The Presbyterian Pastor Episode 8
As Calm as the Sea; so it is when we trust in God. Photo Credit: ISTOCK

“What is the report, Vincent? His Father called me some seconds ago; I promised to get back to him” The General asked resting his hand on the wooden table in the church

“We found his clothes torn when we came back this morning.”

“What happened actually?”

“Dad” Martha spoke


“I think he was afraid, he asked Vincent to take the message on his behalf a few days ago; but when he was to be introduced to the people; we couldn’t find him again” she explained

“God is in control, let’s just hope everything will turn out well.” The General encouraged as he prayed intensely for God’s direction and wisdom

The plan of God can never be abolished; hadn’t God brought the young boy to this place despite being forced by his Father? You are past finding out God, handle this situation. He prayed within

“What part of the town have you searched?” he questioned

“The north, east and west” Vincent replied with respect

“What of the south?”

Vincent looked up surprised

“Sir, we are never to visit that place. It is filled with land mines.”

“Yes, I know. But something tells me we should go there.”

“Okay sir” Vincent replied after much thought

“Call the soldiers, we will carefully tread that path. It is a dangerous one, but God will see us through.”

“Sir, yes sir” Vincent spoke as he went out of the church

“Dad” Martha spoke touching him by the shoulder, she was worried

“Daughter, don’t worry. We will be careful. You just have to be strong and prayerful; we might be gone for a week. So, never stop praying.”

She kept quiet looking down, “I don’t want to lose you like we lost my brother.”

The General caressed her face smiling “My Child, put your faith in God.”

“I know I should, but I am scared, I don’t know why.”

He patted her on the head, smiling “I will be fine.”

“You have to” she whispered hugging him

General chuckled patting her by the back

God, is the time now? He though within stroking her back gently.

Will the General die or live?

Did Hosea die?

Stay tuned as another episode drops next week

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