The Tale of Crying Child Part 1: I thought you Knew

I thought you knew,
knew my deepest pain,
I thought you knew,
my deepest pains and grief.

I thought you knew,
knew how much i resented the world,
I thought you knew,
knew how much I hated being born.

Tears run down my eyes,
slowly, streaming everyday,
pains i couldn’t hide,
even when i smiled so bright.

I thought you knew,
knew when I felt all alone,
I thought you knew,
knew my deepest concern.

Lack of care surrounds me,
abandoned was I from birth,
struggling to live each passing day,
to end with a smile glued to my face.

I thought you knew,
Papa wasn’t around when I was born,
Mama left me alone crying,
and I was left all to myself.

You added pain to my sour,
just like the flies,
you inflicted my wounds,
shedding tears that were never true.

You pretended to be a friend,
so dear that I trusted your words,
but you left just like everyone else
never truly understanding the “painful me”…


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