The Two Sides

“This is it! As far as I know it. It’s over, I give up, until when must i keep trying to bring out the best. “, I’ve tried all I could, still nothing is worthwhile”,Has any of these thoughts or several other thoughts crossed your mind whenever you keep trying to make something and you couldn’t. The same thing people keep telling others in such case is NEVER TO GIVE UP. Why give up,when you have started already ,why not persevere to the end.?Many at times when I begin writing a new piece,along the line I literally give up because I felt have not done up to my expectation . But,when I try to look at the bigger picture and I read that piece all the time. I get inspired with ideas on how to make the piece better . When you fail all times ,look at the bigger picture, look at what it will be at the end when eventually you made it. 

               If life is not marred with failures, then how can we know the pain of success and how it was achieved. No man who ever lived has never being faced with failures,either small or great. There is no successfully story that is not pregnant with failures. Failure should be part of life but it should not become a besseting factor to achieve the very best.. Once life is sweet of you remember your failures and how you overcame it.
No failures, No success
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