Because I was different,
They couldn’t stop talking,
Because I was special,
They had a tale to tell

Because I was worse,
They felt they were better,
Because I was inexperienced,
They had to laugh

They believed they were perfect,
But I could point at their errors,
For they who laughed at me,
Have spots that they couldn’t see

I know I wasn’t better,
Yet they laughed at me,
I laughed at their ignorance,
For I was way better than them

They laughed at me because I was different,
I laughed because they are the same,
Being different is cool,
So I kept quiet for I was special…that kept me happy

They laughed at me %

If they laughed at you? What do you do?

Are you dejected or angry?

If they mocked your effort or your lifestyle, what do you do?

Are you so mopped up? Or do you smiled at them for you are different?

They laughed at your dreams, they said it was childish and unrealistic

Do you accept what the say? Or you push forward towards achieving that dream?

They laughed at your lifestyle.. They laughed at you for you amuse them.

Do you get angry or unhappy?

What do you do when they laugh at you?

When they laugh at your errors, mistakes and actions?

Let me drop this… those who laugh at you…

Are they any better?

They laughed at me %

Answer this and take action…  for this will determine your reaction to them laughing at you

Are they any better?

Quote to keep to: ” They laughed at me because I was different, I laughed at them for they are the same”

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“They laughed at my dreams, but now I laughed at their lifestyle” For what have they achieved?

Show them effort coupled with result and cause them to cease laughing at you… as you are different… be better

From the desk of
Kudabo Victory. O.