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They watched him Run episode 1

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“Praise the lord brethren “

The church gave a low tone reply.  Beating the wooden pulpit with his palm; “That hallelujah is not for my God,  give me a louder one” he said all smiles and the church followed in unison screaming out their hallelujah.
 “You can have your seats,…. Thank you all” he said as the Congregation sat down  waiting for the next programme to start.  Bro Jeffery  flipped through his Bible and upon opening he smiled as he looked at the congregation.
“Somebody give me a loud Amen “
“Amen” a young lady shouted
” God bless you my sister,  you are in the spirit “
“Hehe…  Bro Jeffery said as he stepped down the pulpit wiping his face with his handkerchief he continued…  ‘I tell you God is good and unique…  I want the pianist to give me a melodious tune as we all sing this song seated on our seat,  it is a simple song yet powerful because our God is powerful ”  while he was yet to finish talking,  the congregation had started clapping and some were on their feets with their hands raised to heaven.
“Yes… ” he screamed ‘ those standing God bless you; our God is powerful ‘

“Yes…  yes…”

“Oh yes.. “

“He is God “

Different replies came from the people as some were already speaking in tongues.  Bro Jeffery smiled as he began the song  ” Oluwa… etobi….  Etobi oh….. Etobi…. Koseni …tiale fi Shaka we re oh….  Etobi ….” back up singers came up to the stage to join in unison. The whole congregation joined in singing, some minutes into the song, others were speaking in tongues,  some were crying and others were praying to God…
“Oh yes,  God you are good” Bro Jeffery muttered in the midst of worship,  he knelt down and with lifted hands, he worshipped God.


“Hmmm,  God is really using Bro Jeffery oh…  Imagine last Sunday service,  the atmosphere was filled with God’s presence such that I felt it within ” Stella said to her friend Helen who paid no heed to her.
Sis Dorcas joined in the conversation ” let me be truthful, many of the sisters in the church are praying to get married to Bro Jeffery,  the man is filled with the spirit and last Sunday he gave a revelation which came to pass “
“Ewoo…  You mean that revelation came to pass” Stella asked with a wide mouth indicating surprise
“It came to pass oh,  in fact I respect Bro Jeffery; it was a good decision that the church made making him the General prayer coordinator.  I don’t always want to miss church whenever Bro Jeffery is preaching or praying. He is also a humble brother,  I won’t lie he is handsome also…
 “Wait oh,  I thought I was the only one who thought he was handsome,  I am also crushing on the guy oh…  Chisos…  I wished to be blessed with a husband like him. Bro Jeffery is a bundle of goodness ” Stella concluded with a smile as she imagined what it would be like if she was married to someone like Bro Jeffery.
 ” I don’t want someone like him,  Biko…  I want to marry him.” Dorcas said as the remaining sisters shouted in surprise.
 “Leave me oh…  Is it wrong to wish for something good?  In fact the Bible says he who findeth a wife (husband)  findeth a good thing..  Me I have found and I want him ” Dorcas said not minding the stare that was directed towards her by Helen.
 “God will help you all,  I pray the brother you hold in high esteem isn’t a disappointment to God’s kingdom ” Helen said as she rose up from the bed.
“She has come again,  I say amen..  Mummy G.O”.. Stella said smiling as she watched Helen leave the room.  She and Dorcas smirked, as they shortly continued their conversation.


Bro Jeffery… Helen thought within

He is held in high esteem among sisters. Who is he?

What was God trying to tell her through the dream?

Unsure of anything,  she walked towards Sis Janet house that was opposite hers.  And she saw something while passing through the church…. She stopped….

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