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Bro Jeffery sat down in his room, this was the second time Sis Chiamaka rejected his proposal.  What was wrong with him?

Many sisters in the church desired him,  he was handsome, spiritual, humble and even social.  To crown it all,  he was the second in command to the local pastor; he was the general prayer coordinator.  General fa…
He heaved
 He rose up from the brown colored chair he sat on, walked up to the wardrobe. He picked up his blue patterned shirt and stood in front of the mirror admiring himself.  Today na today, he smiled .
He put on his shirt and his well tailored and ironed black trouser.  Matching it with his Sandals, everyday isn’t a day for Shoes, he gets tired at times.  He wanted to dress casual today,  putting on his golden wristwatch he hummed as he watched himself in the mirror endlessly. He was handsome,  downright handsome.  He smiled.

  Bro Jeffery stepped out of his room and off he went to the church.  He prayed Sis Chiamaka would be in church by this time.  She was always the first to be in church to clean the church. He checked his wrist watch,  it was some minutes after 3, of course she would be in church.  He assured himself.

Helen saw Chiamaka who was dressed for the evening service by 5. It was some minutes to 3 and she was set to go to church.  Well,  she was an usher so it explains well her going to church early.
She waved her bye with a broad smile. Sis Chiamaka walked up to her in smile, hugging her when she came closer

That was unexpected ..Helen thought

“Sis Helen,  am glad I saw you ” she said releasing herself from the hug
Helen managed a smile not understanding the whole situation
“Oops,  don’t be like that,  I have my reasons for saying that… I mean the hug “
 “Issok,  though am surprised “
“Of course you would be ” she said
 For some few seconds,  they were both silent not until Chiamaka broke the silence with her words.  Helen listened with rapt attention
  “Would you be able to help me? “Chiamaka pleaded with a desperate voice
“Hmmm… ” Helen said thinking as she scratched her hair which were itchy at the moment.. ” I should be able to help ” she said and Sis Chiamaka instantly hugged her
 “I am so grateful,  you can’t imagine how grateful I am” she said grinning from ear to ear.
“No problem ” Helen dismissed her with a gentle smile.  And off Chiamaka went..

 Bro Jeffery stepped into the church and his face lit  with radiant smile when he saw her sweeping the pulpit.  Though he didn’t get to see her face clearly, he was expectant that while sweeping the main church he would see her fully.
  Rubbing his palms against each other, he greeted her but no reply.
He wasn’t surprised though
” Can I lend  a hand? ” he offered but no response again.
 Everywhere was silent except the sound of the broom against the rug.
  Bro Jeffery strolled round the corners of the church and nodded his head happily after confirming what he wanted to.

He smiled again as he dipped his hands into his pocket “Errm…  Sis Chiamaka,  hope you have thought about what I told you?  I seriously love you and after consulting my God in heaven,  he gave me the reply I so much wanted…  You are to be my wife oh…  There’s no disputing that. You know I can’t lie now…  God used me and all I say in church always come to pass..  Sis Chiamaka you have to be my wife…  I know it might not be easy to digest but I love you even after that night…”

“….Even after that night,  I loved you more than before…  So I want you to be my wife,  I will soon meet the Pastor for approval,  that little secret of ours, let’s keep it close by marriage. What do you say?  Will you pray about it? Don’t reject me? For you might regret it oh… Many sisters are on the queue waiting,  I just want you to be the lucky one.. he gave a brief laugh and continued…  What do you say my dear Sister Chiamaka? “


 The figure stood still on the altar,  he walked closer and what he saw gave him chills…


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