They watched him run part 4

They watched him run episode 3

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Making the decision to stand in the gap for Chiamaka wasn’t an easy choice to make. She had to succumb to her plea for her eyes begged desperately.  Sis Chiamaka had to travel home to see her mother who was on the dying bed.  It was an emergency. All she could do to help her was to sweep the church clean before time. Although she wasn’t ready for church,  she would sweep the floor and return back home to get dressed.

  She entered the church and not long till she started sweeping,  Bro Jeffery came in and she had to hide her face ; never for once had she been engaged in a conversation with the so called famous brother. There was nothing to say with him
 When he called her “Sis Chiamaka” by name, she noticed that he never saw who was on the pulpit.  She wanted to correct him but something held her mute.  So she continued sweeping giving no response to his words. And then he said something that made her look up….

She was surprised..   That night!!!….

That night?….

Bro Jeffery called out her name fidgeting..
” You heard all that I said???..” he asked stupidly hoping there would be a negative reply.  Helen nodded with a sad face.

So this was the so called revered brother.  Oh what a pity.. Not knowing what was happening to her, tears started dropping from her eyes and Bro Jeffery looked surprised though afraid of his secret being leaked to the church

“Why are you crying? ” he asked stammering

 Helen wiped her face with the back of her left hand. “Others watched you run,  no they even wished to be like you…  Yet is this the so called Bro Jeffery? The dream I saw was right.. You are clothed in rags yet you shine brightly. Your light is false and deceiving ” she said with a sobbered voice

“I…. I…. ” he kept stuttering not knowing what to say

“Haha,  Bro Jeffery and Sis Chiamaka;  the two of you…  The church must hear this…  This can’t be covered lest we allow the devil dwell more in our midst ” Helen said as she dropped the broom she was holding and ran out of the church against Bro Jeffery desperate plea.

“Jesus…  I am done… Father Lord!!!  Have mercy on me your son? Jeffery said as tears dropped down his eyes.  It was over for him.. Everything has just collapsed.

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