They watched him run episode 4 %

The news had spread round the church.  Sister Helen reported to the Pastor with immediate effect.

That Sunday…. ***********

Jeffery was summoned in front of the church,  in disgrace he covered his face while whispers was ongoing among the people as he passed between the chairs. Sister Chiamaka was called also and both stood with their heads bowed down in disgrace

The Pastor walked up to the pulpit with a sad face ” We all know why they were called,  it saddens my heart to hear the news. I mean Bro Jeffery was a mighty instrument in God’s hand, I can’t count the number of people who had pointed to your life as an example to them.  But why this?…
Sis Chiamaka was always in church early to get the church clean but why is this named among the most committed brethren in the church?  I am so sad for this is painful.  This must be corrected so others don’t fall”
 The congregation kept calm with unhappy faces.

The Pastor sternly continue “Listen,  this can happen to anyone.  Don’t say that you are so holy to fall into sin;  never think your speaking in tongues and performing of miracles can repel sin from you,  it can’t.. If you fall,  you fall with disgrace.  I want this to be a lesson to everyone, so many of you held Bro Jeffery in high esteem even far above Jesus,  you saw him as a role model and all.  Many sisters kept storming my office claiming God is leading them to marriage with Bro Jeffery.  So many among you engage in needless strife and argument among yourselves because of him.  Some  brothers became slaves to jealousy because of him. Now see the outcome, look at him…  See the one you hold in high esteem..  See the one you watched running and you run after…. Have you all forgotten that….., ” the pastor shouted with a disappointed tone.. He flipped through his Bible and asked the congregation to open to Hebrews 12:2
 ” The beginning of the verse enjoins us to do what….
The congregation replied loudly.
 “Looking unto Jesus…. Where is Jesus in the radar of our life?  Why watch and run after a mortal man like you who is also running?  Why not Jesus who has won the race?  Why make a mortal man like yourself your life example,  where is Jesus?  Pastor Mike emphasized as the whole church became silent
 “Bro Jeffery,  even when they held you in high esteem,  you should have kept running without falling since you know those who look up to you are more,  they have all forgotten you are a mortal man” he lamented
 ” Jesus is our perfect example,  stop holding mortal man in high esteem.  Look unto Jesus, God will help us all.  …”
 The church chorused Amen
  “I don’t want anyone to look at this brethren with disgust..  It can happen to anyone,  hold them near and let them feel loved; let’s rise up to pray for them,  and also pray for ourselves “
 The congregation rose up and began serious prayers unto God, consecrating themselves anew to God. Bro Jeffery knelt down and cried to God for help. Sis Chiamaka bitterly cried to God for compassion as the Pastor prayed for them at the end of it all.

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                                             THE END

Lessons derived:

1. Many brothers are like Bro Jeffery..  I hope you aren’t one..  No further clarification on this
2. Some sisters are like Sisters Stella and Dorcas,  you know fully well.  Me I am sister Helen oh…  Lolz.
3. I hope Sis Chiamaka aren’t  present here,  those who keep secret sin this serving God faithfully
4. I hope you aren’t running after man,  is Jesus the one you are looking at?
5. When brethren sin,  please don’t keep mute.  For that is true love
6. Even when we err,  true repentance brings God’s blessing
7. Don’t criticize sinners,  show them love and the way…  No one should point accusing fingers against another
8. Lastly,  LOOK unto Jesus.

   I drop my pen…  What do you learn from this short story? Let’s hear it.