Vain!!! Vanity!!!
Life is vain,
with nothing so different to offer,
that others had not suffered to have.

As dust we became Life,
So who are we if not all dust at the end of life,
yet we lived as supreme beings,
no matter how great thou art you claim to be,
At the end of life ,you will be nothing but dust.

We all savor what we can as we live,
for we know not what the morrow shall be,
for we are just like a passing flint,
and we cant tell when we will soon become tales to be told.

Life is full of it ups and down,
but it’s also vain.
memories and pain will savor and feel each day,
are just vain at the end of it all.

Though some may forget,
Life is glimpse and  yet vain,
others may live as king and queens,
others living as paupers and penniless being,
but we at the end of it all are dust blown away.

We live each day,
many die that day,
We die each day,
many were born that day,
So then what is life ?

          Others live their lives like kings and queens trampling on the weak and penniless, are we not all humans? We both have breath within us, then why live like you own your life. Live each day with a purpose, with praise for being alive because at the end of it all it’s VAIN…       VANITY UPON VANITY SO IS LIFE WHEN NOT LIVED RIGHT

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