Wear that Smile

” Shade ,Why are you behaving like that? ” Bose blurted out
” Like what?” Shade replied curtly . She paced up and down the room clapping her hands like all those who gossip does when they are surprised.
” Haha, how can Mrs kuforola behave like she hasn’t done anything wrong? I mean she didn’t feel guilty at all and she calls herself the wife of a pastor” Shade added clapping her hands together once again.
  Bose couldn’t help laughing out loud, Shade looked at her confused yet annoyed. ” So because of what Mrs kuforola has done, you kept a frown on that face of yours, even in front of the guy asking you out, you frowned like the whole wide world was out to get you alone, and yet you chased another suitable suitor away like you did the other time”
  Shade hissed, angry at the fact that her best friend didn’t understand her at all. I mean , she didn’t intentionally chased the guy away, he just happened to come at the wrong time when she was in a very worse mood, all guys always come at the wrong time to ask her out
  ” I gotta tell you friend, it’s wrong when you do that all the time ” Bose said trying to put some sense into her hoping she would listen to her.
  Shade rolled her eyes twice refusing to give in to her friend, she was right and Bose shouldn’t tell her it’s wrong ” Let my enemy Mrs kuforola in quote know she has done something wrong to me , I have to show her that what she did really hurt me” she said
  ” Okay, so you think frowning is the only way out for your enemy Mrs kuforola as you say to stop getting at you, Shade grow up ; I mean shouldn’t you keep a smile on your face no matter what that woman does? Why does her words or her doing decide your mood for the day?” Bose blurted out in annoyance, angry at her friend’s stupidity.
Are some of us like Shade?

Do we allow circumstances around us take away that smile that keeps making us beautiful?

  Or do some us think like this:

” Hmm, I have to be sad always so people can know am going through a lot than what they are going through”

” They all can’t understand that it isn’t easy, my enemy are all out to get me, I have to stop laughing so that those my enemy and haters can know that they really should stop hurting me”

” Maybe if me being sad will make people understand that my past is really ugly and dirty”

” My dad is nothing to write home about, my mother died some years ago, I was raped at a young age and yet you are expect me to be happy all the time”

Your own thoughts might not be mentioned above; but why should we allow people, circumstances or situations around us determine the smile on our face?

This article am writing also speaks to me, at times things happening around take away smile from my face and after getting angry and sad all day I sit down at the long  run and ask myself ” Why were you even sad ?”

Do you know your smile is the most prettiest and beautiful among others?

Do you know that showing your teeth gan sef can catch the Mr man or woman for you?

Do you know that dimple that shows when you smile is so cute and cool?

So why hide it? It’s beautiful, show it forth and show your enemies and haters that they haven’t done nothing to take away your joy.

You deserve to be happy dear at all times, no matter the situation surrounding you , you are entitled to show the smile, teeth, dimple God has blessed you with..

Am I not right? You deserve that much, you deserve to be happy; so be happy everyday and show forth, wear that prettiest smile you’ve got that’s better than anyone​ else.

Incase you don’t know, my smile is prettier than yours, so am gonna keep smiling everyday.. I deserve to be happy..  What about you?
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