When the Jingle bells are ringing

When the bells are ringing,
It changes feelings,
Even when we are sad,
We tend to be happy,
Because it is Christmas

When the jingle bells are ringing,
Joy escalates,
Leaving us in a state of euphoria,
It is Christmas,
Just what more could be sweeter?

When the choirs are singing,
Sweet melodies of joy,
Just when the scent is sweet,
Someone still cuddles in the dark

When the chorus are sung,
There lies an unhappy soul,
It might be Christmas,
But what more than that?
It is only just a day

When the bells are ringing,
And the faces smiling,
When the choirs are humming,
There might be someone crying

It is Christmas,
We expect happiness,
It is a bright day,
Yet some stay aloof

Christmas, Christmas
Oh leave us with joy,
Fill unhappy souls with laughter,
Even if for a day

Oh Christmas,
Lit our hearts with sweet melodies,
Lift our souls burden,
A holy day you are

Unhappy soul rejoice,
Burdened hearts, be blessed
Christmas is here,
Be happy for the saviour is born

Rejoice ye hearts,
Let go of what make you sad,
Be happy for the day,
Let joy spread around

When the bells are ringing,
When the chorus are sung,
Just when the choirs are singing,
Sweet melodious songs

Let hearts rejoice,
Let burdens be lifted,
Let joy o’erflow
For the day is holy

….. Let Christmas spread joy, let joy fill your heart;
     The saviour of the world was born,
 Rejoice for the bells are ringing,
…. Rejoice for the stars are shinning,
….. Rejoice for the manger welcomes the saviour
…. The one whose blood works our redemption….

    Christmas is here… the bells are ringing… Be glad and rejoice….

The writer Kudabo Victory
  Wishing you a merry happy Christmas…
 Do spread joy and love to all around you for…
  Christ is Love…

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