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She walked away,
Tears filling her eyes to the brim,
She had trusted you with all she had,
Guessed she was a fool,  you thought

She wasn’t the first who had shed tears,
Countless numbers had; just for you
Along the line,  you lost count,
Among friends,  you are revered as king,
The Lord of “breaking hearts “

You threw a wicked smile,
Beat your chest all because,
You felt indeed like a king,
Oh,  I wished you know you weren’t

For when the day comes haunting,
And it catches you as the prey,
When you have a taste of your sour,
And shed tears in pain,

I wish you will feel,
Just what they all felt,
Then you will know just how much it hurts,
To love, trust and yet be hurt
It hurt to be broken,

One day you will realize,
You really aren’t the king of hearts,
Your heart can be broken also,
Wait for that day,
For it cometh surely,

When you shall cry out in pain,
When your heart shall be threshed,
You shall feel the agony of being broken.
Karma cometh surely,
And it shall catch up with you

For to trust is like costly Pearl…
  Don’t break her heart, she is precious.

Writing to every man out there. I hope I passed a message

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