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We are encouraging Christians across the world through the media

our story

Our Story

We founded Daachiever Inc., in 2015 in a confusing world needing to hear more of God. Many people think they are to continue searching for the meaning of life, when all they need is to have God in their life.

In a growing communities of creatives across the world, sharing what they believe strongly online; we take an invincible oath to make the media our tool, reaching out to people around the world, irrespective of background, ehnicity, church, or perhaps their vast knowledge of the Bible

Our Vision

It is simple – we are encouraging Christians across the world through the media. It is our strong desire that as readers visit our website, they find answers to their questions, they build an attractive relationship with God, and they recieve renewed confidence in God’s word. 

Along with our wide range of guest contributors, we are a group of people who love God, and daily wants to grow with him as our guide. Our work is personal and genuine. You will get to read stories from our daily experiences; and we believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to change you from the inside out. 

We hope that our blog posts, videos, podcast episodes, and other tools make the power of a personal relationship with God accessible to everyone—regardless of your religious affiliation, church membership, or experience with the Bible.

our vision
our founder

Our Founder

Meet Kudabo Victory, the visionary of Daachiever Inc., what started as a little spark kindled in her some years back has reached hundred of thousands of souls across the world. Victory is a strong believer of the positive use of the media. She has put her thoughts, and growth in relationship with God in writing, and you can find some of her writings on the blog.

What we believe in

All our stories are coined from timeless and valuable lessons in the Bible. We aim for your balanced spiritual growth through stories

Moral Soundness

We believe a Christian should be balanced in every areas of their life; that’s why we share inspiring stories, and life tips for your moral soundness


We support creative ideas; and we know everyone has got a dream. That’s why we encourage guest blogging from writers all over the world

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