Beautifyl Feet: Issue III of Evidence Magazine

Beautiful Feet – Issue III

In search for a magazine that addresses topics such as this:

  • How to submit our will to God for His best
  • The place of discipleship for called creatives
  • Jesus and our Health
  • God’s place in reuniting broken homes – An exclusive interview with previously separated couples
  • Finding the balance between our calling as creatives and our career
  • Sent to the Nations – An exclusive interview with a missionary
  • Finding Your Voice as a Christian Comic Creator
  • amongst others

Then, the EVIDENCE MAGAZINE titled Beautiful Feet is for you. Hear what our readers are saying:

Evidence Magazine holds a significance that surpasses its mere existence as a publication; it serves a profound message to me. Its comprehensive coverage of various facets of our lives ensures that no aspect remains unexplored. – Anonymous.

I wholeheartedly commend the team behind this exceptional endeavour, and I firmly believe that an increasing number of individuals will derive immense value from indulging in the captivating content of this remarkable magazine. – Edidiong Otong.

Oh my God… The words are full of life. I went through each page and I enjoyed the experience – Toyosi Idowu

I have no words for this. There are so many things to learn from the articles (I already have favourites). It’s so packed. Thank you for this timely magazine. – Faith Ogedengbe

With a desire spelt out in CAPS, this magazine aims to RECREATE, RESTORE, REALIGN, REVIVE, REJUVENATE, AND REAWAKEN Christian Creatives who are called on a mandate by the CREATOR using their gifts.

Dear Creatives, it is our prayer that as you pick a copy of this year’s magazine, you will have your answers to questions, desires reignited for the Master and your senses sharpened to your DIVINE CALL.

Note that:

The RESOURCES on our website, be it our MAGAZINES or bible journals, emails, declarations, and affirmations remains FREE. No one is PERMITTED to sell them to their audience, for EXTENDED usage, write to us via mail at: [email protected]