I keep a diary but I am not the ‘kind of freak’ you know when it comes to keeping a diary.  Most times, it takes a month for me to update or even pen something down on my diary. I value keeping my thoughts intact and fighting them within but if time permits me and I see the need to…  I take up my tab and pour my heart down into writing but either ways, I enjoy lone moments.


 What’s the main aim of my wacky introduction? No aim at all,  just to tell you that I keep a diary and I love reading through my penned thoughts when I have no work at all. So today in school,  as usual I had nothing doing and the hot sun penetrated into my head(literally), headache was its result and I couldn’t do anything productive other than listening to music to calm me down and get me busy.  


 I decided to pay the diary app on my tab a visit,  it has been three months or so I opened the app; so I opted for a change and perhaps pen something down.  Series of phone format made some of my thought entries missing and I remembered downloading the app January of this year.  On January 10, I made a disturbing post (See the picture), I left it unedited because I loved the flaws I see.

See the screenshot below:
A sneak peek into my personal diary


 Now back to the picture, I wrote that when I was unhappy with myself and series of complaints I have received from people around, the new year was starting and I didn’t want to continue that way with people having to complain about my behavior. So I wrote it down,  prayed about this(I can’t count the number of times I had prayed- some of my prayers were brief).


 Thank God for being God and for the fact that he listens even to the most silliest prayers; I needed to change my behavior because I as a person hates being talked to because of my behavior,  I am always challenged to be a better ME. Before October 28th which was my birthday, I asked God for a birthday gift, I asked him to give me grace to be better, at least get better that I won’t be stubborn, I won’t find it difficult to respect people, I won’t be impatient and so on….


 Well,  God heard my prayers… I am not saying I am perfect but I can say I have changed unlike the ME I was some years back…  it became easy for me to do the things I found so difficult to do because God gave me the Grace(Expect a post on Grace on my website). I am this imperfect girl but I love giving room for improvement.


 Someone might be wondering,  what’s with my story?


√ Have you got a bad character or behavior you so much want to change?  Try praying, God’s grace will be there for you. Make an effort to change it…  Don’t just give it time alone because time has two sides when it comes to changing someone… it either makes you worse than you ever were or make you even better than you can imagine..


√ There’s no silly prayer point to God,  say even the silliest of things to him. Trust in your heart that he will answer you,  after all God is your beloved father. Put God first even in your silly thoughts, he being there makes the difference.


√ Keep diaries,  I know some brothers will talk… they say diaries is for ladies, well… it isn’t so bad if you keep a diary or is it?


√ The best of the birthday gift you can get is a Gift from God, a gift that lasts forever and one you will always remember.


I am not PERFECT  at all, I still have areas in my life I need God to help me work on.  The goal is to be a better person in life, balanced in every area of life yet running the heavenly race.  


You can change that bad behavior,

You can stop that act,

If it makes you sad and unhappy,

You have a Father,

Cry for Grace but also play your part of putting in effort.

We all can be a better version of ourselves,

Being a Christian doesn’t stop you from growing; grow,  learn and be a better YOU


  1. Thanks for Reading,


Kudabo Victory, 2018


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