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When God pays you a Visit

When God decides to pay a man a visit; he brings about four things; revival. rejuvenation and realignment, renewal of his covenant and Restoration. This year is a season of visitation by God


When Paul the Apostle wrote ‘I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I but Christ liveth in me’ What did he mean? Is it possible to live without sin as a Christian?

What are the signs of a backsliding Christian

Backsliding generally means to regress; slip backward from a state of excellence to a worse state but in today’s context; it is simply falling away from the Lord and His will, taking a chill pill from the place of assignment and subtly breaking off the relationship one once had with Jesus, unintentionally or through neglect.

An Interview with James Iroro on Daachiever Inc.

In this episode with James Iroro, the Author of the Book On Eagle’s wings and Diversion shares with us his thoughts and journey to becoming a writer and author. His Book, Diversion cast the limelight on the damaging effect of suicidal thoughts; this podcast is to encourage anyone who is currently feeling down, and it is a lovely time for all our listeners.

An Interview with Anyatonwu Jaachi on Daachiever Inc.

In this episode, Jaachi Anyatonwu; the popular poet and author of the book; You are Loved, and you belong here takes us through the journey into becoming an author that he is; he also shares on how to maintain a good writing style; and finding your voice. Jaachi also shares about the importance of self-love and not giving in to suicidal thoughts. This is such an exciting interview, one you shouldn’t miss.

What to do while waiting on God

Join Daachiever Inc. on the series focused on What Believers must do while waiting on God. Waiting seems to be too hard at times, but should a believer be in a hurry when God tells us to be patient?

Enjoying the Forgiveness that Christ's brings

The best of any spiritual man on earth is yet limited by his humanity. By his weaknesses and flaws. And while you may be crucified by others for your character flaw, Jesus in whom we have our perfection, is waiting to have you read this post. He has something to say about those weaknesses.

What is the meaning behind Matthew 7:7

Why should you ask? Is it possible you already have what you ask for? Is it possible you have not been saying the right things in prayer? Ye receive not, because ye do not ask aright. His word said, we should ask and we shall receive if we do not doubt


It is not in man to direct his own steps and find his identity, our creator has supplied us with a manual to reveal our identity to us, instruct us on how to live here on earth and how to prepare for eternity with Him in Heaven. (2 Timothy 3.16, 17).