Burn For You: A Poem on Revival

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I don’t just want to be a candle on a menorah,
a flickering flame that’d fizzle off soon
I don’t just want to be one of those sparkling precious stones,
that gleams on your crown and glows on your throne
I don’t just want to be a string,
that when struck—sings
I don’t want to be a spark,
that is incumbered by darkness till it dims.
I want to burn for you.

I want to be more than a chandelier,
lightening up your palace
I want to burn brighter than a million suns,
and let your light illuminate my world
I want to be as beautiful as the stars—
the twinkling diamonds that reminds me of your eyes.
I want to be the mirror
that glimmers in the mild reflection of your light and love.
I want to burn for you.

I want to spread like wildfire,
into the nooks and crannies of your jurisdiction
I want to be the light,
that pierces through the darkest night
I want to be the silver-lining of hope,
tearing through the dark clouds of gloom
I want to be the fire burning in this cold world,
sending embers of love into every soul I meet.
I want to burn for you.

My eyes had that gleam once,
My heart had that beam once,
I was like a candle in the rain,
Flickering till I waned.

But now,
Would you set my heart on fire?
Would you lit my soul with your desire?
Would you set my body ablaze with your holy flames?
So my life would rise like incense and glorify your name.

I just want to Burn For You.

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