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David Victor

David C. Victor is an authored Poet, a Content Creator, an Educational Technologist and a crazy Lover of Music. He writes mainly to express his thoughts, emotions, opinions and faith.

The Colt (Easter Special)

While we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, my mind wanders off to one of the unsung demonstrations of Christ’s resurrecting power. My mind wandered off and perched on the story of The Colt, the young donkey that Jesus rode triumphantly…

3 Ways Of Maintaining Your Christian Faith In 2021

It’s no secret that our Christian Faith is one that is usually under trial. We live in a world that condoles everything contrary to our belief, and with every passing day, our Faith is tested. And so it is our uttermost duty to consciously take measures that would keep our Faith burning.

Burn For You: A Poem

I don't want to be a spark, that is incumbered by darkness till it dims. I want to burn for you.
How do I define my faith as a Christian

How do I define my Faith as a Christian

And as Christians, one question that never fails to appear on the surface of our minds, is the question of our Faith. With all the ideologies, misconceptions, beliefs, religions and doctrines prostituted in this present generation, it is becoming increasingly important for we as Christians to define our Faith.

Midnight Chats with God

Beloved, come in for a midnight chat with God, you have worries, anxiety filling your heart. Speak, for your saviour is ever ready for a table talk. Your secret is safe with him
Just come as you are: A message to those feeling guilty

Just Come: A timely poem to the Guilty

Are you feeling guilty because of your sins? Do you feel God's love isn't sufficient for you; this mini poem titled Just Come explains that the Saviour wants us to be a part of his family, all we need do is just come into his loving arms no matter what we have left behind