Powerful Lessons from the never-saddled Colt

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While we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, my mind wanders off to one of the unsung demonstrations of Christ’s resurrecting power.

My mind wandered off and perched on the story of The Colt, the young donkey that Jesus rode triumphantly into the city of Jerusalem in Mark 11:1-11.
Studying this Colt, I saw a reflection of myself written in his story.

He was probably as young as I am, wild-eyed, naive and a little stupid. I guess he was the stubborn—recalcitrant type, scared to the bones but tough to the teeth.
I guess he was abandoned too. For a Colt as young as he was he was supposed to be making the most of his time and strength—working his ass out. But still he was tied somewhere, so maybe he was written off.

The Bible said no man had ever ridden on him. Well, I perceive that to be true, physically though. Because I believe he must have been overridden in his mind. He must have been tossed about aimlessly, swerved by every wind of temptation, broken and molested psychologically.

Somehow, I know the mountain of his confidence must have been crushed into dust, and lost in the wind.
He was probably nervous and insecure.
I guess he was like me, riddled with doubts and fear and probably too scared to walk, run or work like every other colt his age would do.
For a colt his age, he had all the potentials to be great and excellent. But despite his impressive CV, he wasn’t making any moves yet, he was promising but static.

He was young and good looking.
I guess he probably smiled like I use to, just to conceal the brokenness and emptiness he felt inside.
He was stagnant, tied to his mistakes, his past and the guilt of sin that wouldn’t leave.
He was weighed down, heavy-laden, carrying an heavy burden, tied to a tree never to be free.

But then…

Jesus called. The master called, saying he has need of him.
And just like me, he must have muttered something beneath his breath, saying…

“Me? Why me? “.

“Why would the master need me?”.

“Nobody wants me, why would Jesus need me?”.

Like me, he wasn’t qualified, but he was called anyway.
And isn’t that what Jesus does? “He doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called”.

He might have wondered why. But I’m pretty sure he smiled.
He must have been happy when the disciples untied him, because he was literarily letting go of his past. He was freed from his haunting shadows and just like me, he must have experienced the Joy of Salvation when they led him to Christ.
Was he in tears when he saw Jesus face? Well I don’t know.
But I know he was happy.

And the moment came, when Jesus mounted on him, with a yoke that was easy and a burden that was light.
I’m sure he felt an ease and a sweet relieve within him, because he was heavy-laden but Christ gave him rest.

And that Colt that was neglected, forgotten, written off, disdained, rejected and abandoned became a spectacle of glory.
Like me, he used to be in darkness, but now he is glowing in the light of Christ.
He was dead, lost, grovelling in darkness, cowering in fear, drowning in the pool of sin, but the Resurrecting power of Christ met him with authentic love and raised him above men.
He walked on their clothes like a celebrity on a red carpet. He was greeted alongside Christ by the same people that wrote him off, just like the camera flashes that meets a renowned man that was vindicated from a scandal.
He was resurrected back to life!

As we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus, let the story of this Colt serve as a testimony to us. That if Christ can redeem a donkey, a farm animal, how much more you and I, that was created in the image of God and are joint-heirs with Him?
The Resurrection Power is in Christ, but just like the colt, you have to make yourself available to it.
[Mark 11:1-9]

Happy Easter!

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