When God pays you a Visit

What happens when God Pays You a Visit

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If you were told a prominent figure would be visiting your home for an hour or even quite more than that? How would you feel?

I’m sure you will be excited beyond description. You suddenly begin to ask or question, “Why me?” “What have I done to deserve this visit?”

Such surreal feeling to an earthly prominent visitation is incomparable to when the King of the whole wide world visits you. And He has been doing this for a while, consistently without taking a break nor demanding for a dime.

He visited your finance the previous year, He heard your cry and kept you through. He gave you reasons to rejoice and have a heart of gratitude.

2020 might have been rough, the world had it rough. But, here you are, alive, breathing, and doing good.

God is just starting with you, He is going to visit every area of your life this year. Things you felt God left untouched, your heart desires, secret prayers will be visited this year.

The Children of Israel ALWAYS enjoyed God’s visitation, and you too can.

Go, and gather the elders of Israel together, and say unto them, The LORD God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and Jacob, appeared unto me, saying, I have surely visited you, and seen that which is done to you in Egypt:

Exodus 3:16 (KJV)
When God pays you a Visit

When God paid the Israelites a Visit

The children of Israel were under the bondage of the Egyptian taskmasters. They cried out to God, and He remembered his covenant with their fathers. He visited them in their affliction but they were not aware. He had to go to Moses whom he had been preparing as a savior to deliver his people out of Egyptian bondage by a mighty hand.

For a moment, the Israelites may have thought that God had forsaken them, or their cries did not reach him. But it did and He had to go in search of the one who would be a deliverer.

God has heard your petition, but you still struggle to believe it.

Are you going through a hard situation, and you wonder if God sees? Maybe you have had a series of prayers and fasting, attended programs in faith. But yet, like the woman with the issue of blood, the challenge keeps staring you in the face.

2 Chronicles 20:20 says: “Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper”

2021 is a year of believing God, having faith in the unseen, trusting him every step of the way.

What then is the Good news?

God has visited you in that situation. He may not have told you that He has heard and seen your tears of affliction, but like the Israelites, He has gone to appear to Moses ( your deliverer) in the wilderness. He’s got the whole thing figured out and soonest, you shall be released from under the burden of taskmasters.

Weep no more, and just trust God. Be sensitive in the Spirit so you don’t doubt if He truly sent Moses (a way of deliverance).

Rejoice! child of God for the Egyptians you see the today, you shall see them no more forever because God visited you.

When God visits a man

The visitation of God in the life of Man brings the following:

  • A Renewal of his covenant of promise to his Children: It might be through his written words, the words of anointed men of God, it might also be through coincidences and answers to prayer. It is a thing to note that, God’s visitation, though it be delayed works out for the benefit of the believer. When at your lowest, look around you; you will see the hand of God either through people He brings your way or his word. In all, we are never left alone to fight the battles of life. This is more than an ASSURANCE, it is a PROMISE for his words says: He will never leave us, nor forsake us.
  • A Restoration and Recreation Process: When God visits a man, if He doesn’t renew his promise or the mind of the man, He restores and performs a recreation. Little wonder his word says: “I will restore unto you the years the locusts have eaten, the cankerworm…” David’s family was taken away by the enemy, taken aback by this, the man cried to God, and the response of God wows me, yet it tells of God’s concern about even what belongs to us “Pursue, and you shall recover all”. The visitation of Jesus to the woman with the issue of blood brought forth a recreation of what was missing in her body. Watch out for God’s visitation either in renewal, restoration, or recreation.
  • A Revival of all that was dead: The psalmist, David was a man who sought for the visitation of God in all he does. When he cried for revival, we saw the true state of his heart. The visitation of God in your life this year might be to revive you, perhaps your walk with God has nose dived; it is time to cry for the visitation of God and pray for revival.
  • A Rejuvenation and Realignment: His visitation this year might be to rejuvenate you, many have lost the zeal for God, are you one? Get ready for his visitation in rejuvenating you and getting you back on track. Also, God’s visitation will realign your plans, goals, and ambition back to what his plans are for you.

How will God visit you?

  1. Through his words
  2. His True Servants, you must however be sensitive and test every spirit.
  3. Through songs and hymns. Be careful of what you feed your mind
  4. Through his Spirit i.e. the Holy Spirit

How to be ready for his Visit?

  • Be a Kingdom Citizen
  • Avoid prejudice and insensitivity
  • Stop telling God what to do, but start listening to him guide you in sensitive matters. Listen more this new year.
  • Encourage others in their waiting period
  • Surround yourself with positivity and feed your spiritual man often
  • Practice gratitude and Thanksgiving

How to give my life to Jesus

It is as simple as ABC

First, ACCEPT that Jesus as your saviour, and he has died to save you from sins, of which you can’t save yourself

Second, BELIEVE that he is capable of forgiving all your sins, and making you his own. Believe that he truly died on the cross, he was nailed to the cross, he was beaten with many stripes and he did it all because he LOVES you even more than you can fathom. Believe that by coming to him, you are receiving a priceless treasure.

Third, CONFESS all your faults, sins, misdeeds, not hiding anything unto him. Remember, God, searches and knows the intent of your heart. He desires sincerity and humility. This is very important if you must be a Kingdom citizen.

If you have done it all, say this prayer with me:

Lord, Jesus; I thank you for coming down to his earth, to die for my sins. Thank you for your love that I received even while I was still a sinner. I confess all my sins (name them). I, therefore, ask that you blot out my sins with your blood and write my name in the book of life. Give me this peace the world cannot give me. Grant me a joy no man can take away, and help me to follow you every step of the way. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen

If you have prayed that prayer, CONGRATULATIONS, I welcome you to the fold of Christ. Kindly send us an email at moc.liamgobfsctd@golbreveihcaad for further guidance. God bless you.

And to all our readers, we are glad to open the blog fully for the year, we pray God bestws on us insights revelation and even much more to bless the world with the totality of the Gospel.

Officially, as a group, we welcome you to 2021, and we believe God is ready to visit us. But the question remains,

When He visits us, what will be our response?

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